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Is more important than ever at eagle bank we put relationships first always have always will because the building a strong relationship is how we help your business thrive in building up businesses across Maryland DC and northern Virginia EagleBank has helped to build up our community for more than twenty years so let's work together toward better to start the conversation eagle Bancorp dot com member FDIC money news of twenty five and fifty five let's go to Jeff play ball workers that was holding on to regain its up a hundred and twenty three points it's about a half percent but the S. and P. five hundred index is up just for the nasdaq now down forty points at the half percent loss Starbucks is asking employees to choose between working fewer hours of taking unpaid leave until at least September Starbucks doesn't expect a rebound in sales until at least them the salamander resort and spa in Middleburg plans to re open June eighteenth it does have three hundred forty acres of outside space to its advantage the Washington business journal says the salamander has been covering benefits for the two hundred twenty five employees furloughed since it temporarily closed in March Jeff label WTOP news all right Jeff thank you stay with us up ahead on WTOP some criticism from DC's mayor about how protesters were cleared out yesterday near the White House it's eleven fifty six.

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