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The big play guys like it's something especially maybe it's with this whole offense and he'd left some place that first quarter he didn't play while he did not play well, like the games too big for him. No, he missed he missed two guy is Travis Kelsey, and I think tyreek hill early on a slant. They were wide open, flows a fourteen points instead of six points. You get fourteen points. They win the game last night and maybe they can explode from there. But I love him right now out of all the young quarterbacks in the league. I'm looking at him. I'm saying this is he's going to be he'll be the best in five. So here's the best guy in the league. He is definitely, you know what's cool about all the young quarterbacks. It's really a cool thing. Mahomes is the wizard. He's the gifted arm. Talent darnold is sort of the stoic rock solid like he'd be of all your twenty year old France. He'd be the one you give the keys to the car to he wouldn't drink. Yeah, he's kind of got that Brady grownup in Tom, we trust. Yeah, bakers got a lot of personality, and a lot of weight will do his game little under-sized. And then Josh Rosen throws this stunningly, beautiful football, a little borderline arrogant and Lamar Jackson, who we haven't seen as a starter is like dynamic and electrifying like there. And then Jared Goff is a little Montana. Doesn't talk tall feathery like they're all different. They're in Mahomes though is the one that's like, oh God, his arm is ridiculous. Yeah, his arm is ridiculous. Athletic. I mean, the way he can contorts his body and now weird and doesn't. I think he feels more comfortable doing it that way some day like he's not even getting his feet said, honestly, I never played the quarterback position, but you look at his mechanics when he gets outside of the pocket. And when even when he's in the pocket, there's nothing like Tom house the quarterback guru. You know, there were talking about last night how Tom keeps his his arm in titan on stuff. I mean, Mahomes is like a base like playing shortstop, throwing people out at first base. It's, it's, it's it's so much fun to watch. Maybe that's why it's why we're so excited to watch him play. Okay. Here the nine teams I said, I think there's nine teams. I've seen five in the AFC and four in the NFC that I believe look like they're capable of getting to the playoffs winning multiple games and getting to the Super Bowl. So I've got nine of those teams and then there's two other teams Carolina in Green Bay. I just need to see more. So the nine teams are patriots chiefs Rams eagles Steelers saints, ravens chargers, Vikings Panthers Packers. I need to see more and then there's four teams bear Seahawks Bengals falcons. They can be any of those teams, but I don't see him winning three or four straight against league playoff teams..

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