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So she with devices such as a let's I've been doing some research into some of these home base internet monitoring systems such as Arlo Nath, rain, apps others, and which will allow me to monitor my home from afar. My question is do these devices introduced the same invasion of privacy issues is lots and if they do or ways to prevent this happening. So yes, any kind of camera in your home, technically, you gotta be careful with as far as how you can figure it most people don't configure. It securely. Right. So they don't set up any any proper passwords improper configurations. So they use defaults. And before you know, it anybody's looking at your cameras cameras all over the world that you can just they have a whole list of people who have mis configured their security cameras. So people can look at your look at your home, or look, whatever you're wherever you put your camera. So the answer is yes same exact privacy concerns. If you haven't. Figured him properly. If it happened include a microphone even further concerns, right? So the answer is. Yes. And also it gets creepy. You know, putting cameras within your home too. You know, there's a issue of even your guests being aware that you've get cameras in there that you may want to say, hey, guys, by the way, I've got like fifteen cameras in here. And they're watching everything we do. There's some issues there. I think when it comes to having people in your home, and you get cameras pointing within the home pointing externally same idea. Good great for security to see what's going on in your home. But there are issues if you haven't configured properly and a lot of people don't they just plug it in even professionals. Sadly, don't they'll use defaults and everything and not even bothered setting it up properly through firewalls and improperly. I think having all those cameras in your home doing the security and all that that might be good protection against like college front party. Yeah. It's good for that everything being recorded. It's good for that. But yeah, you should have those same concerns Bill. So you have to read the instructions of your of your video camera systems and make sure you secure them. They do have the instructions people don't read them. They just plugged your rapidly set up the are sit here. Oh, that's always going to have a corporate. Anything can be correct. There's always me quotes around it. Because you're still hoping that the provider of the cameras don't have back doors and improperly configured systems themselves. So there's a lot of cameras out there that were manufactured badly. And the manufacturers didn't even realize that even though you thought you can figure it properly. There's still back doors in ways to get these cameras at the manufacturer wasn't aware of so yes, you don't even know if you do it. All right. You could still be wide open and not even realize a lot of these cameras were designed as close circuit television cameras, and the firmware doesn't have the privacy built into them now. So when you buy them, you have to go to the manufacturer and download and install the latest firmware, which most people don't have the technical technological know-how to. Yeah. So that you know, you can get this security firmware implemented, and the reason they have those. That farmers because they realized they didn't have an update in the first place, and then had they had to do it. So keep it in mind. It's definitely an issue, and it will continue to be an issue. The more. We connect internet connected devices to our to ourselves in our homes, the more security risks..

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