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Who i believe is the the motivational verbal leader heartened soul him and pat. Patrick mahomes sorry randy him and patrick mahomes or the leaders of this team and he is the vocal leader and to thank all of a sudden. He's hearing from the general manager saying it just ain't the right time times as tough a little tight. I'm concerned what that's going to make him reacted how he is going to be in a season where you desperately need him in the right mind. Space or motivator. That'd be one thing tyrod. Matthew was a man that is highly highly motivated. When it's time to get paid a. We saw that from him in. Houston we have seen that from him. The last couple of years in kansas city When when that man has something on the table for him he's highly motivated. And he's that way in general but i think A contract being on the table even makes more so. I'm not too worried about this. And here's why here's why the chiefs have said publicly privately to anybody that will listen. They believe tyrod. Matthew was the key to their defense. And i agree with him. I think he's the one that makes everything else. Work without tiran matthew in the center of their defense they really have no strength defensively. They're fine with their pass rush. They're pretty good last week. Looked awesome and we'll see if they can keep building on that but it's solid it's not a elite corners are solid fine. They will better because of the scheme and the scheme as possible because tyrod matthew where they are. Elite defensively is taking away the middle of the field and the guy that makes that possible. The guy that makes them versatile the guy that makes it difficult for opposing quarterbacks. Whether it's tom brady or a first year starter. Who found out fifteen minutes before the game when tyrod taylor was stabbed chest that he's going to be starting the game in. Just an herb. Whoever it is the guy that makes to bring up that that terrible issue for toronto taylor out so much warfiled guy really did like like i had added perk up whatever. The whoever the quarterback is the guy that makes it possible so fast like he just rushed by anything anyway. So they're going to get this done. I will they get it done before the season. I don't know man. I can't guarantee you that but i do think they're going to be able to find a way to get this done and you're right. The market's been set and as long as you don't have to pay tyrod matthew twenty million dollars a year. I think they'll find a way to do it and right now. The market has been set at seventeen point five million dollars. That's jamal adams got. I'm in. I'm down for that. Is it a lot of money absolutely. you're you're into. You're into giving him what jamal the per year. The seventeen sixteen seventeen million. Yeah i think he gets right underneath. What jamal adams got because older But that's that's going to be the cost of doing business. Man you've got one of the best safeties in the nfl. It's all about giving him his market value. He's gonna want that and whether it's from the chiefs or from somewhere else. He's going to get that. If you want to the open market he could probably get three years and fifty million dollars. You got three and forty two from the chiefs last. go around. And he's been better in kansas city. Then he was in houston so yeah i think he'll get that somewhere and i. I fully anticipate that the chiefs will be the team. You give it to him. He was twenty seven then He's twenty nine now and and it's it's who wow san if he got what jamal adams got it to me has to be about. I gotta hear the guarantee in the years for me all right like it'll be around thirty five presently justin seven jamal. i guess. Can you get out of it quickly to me if you need to. My my thing is with his age. Like i can't go exactly what he got. Four years seventy thirty eight guaranteed like that. That feels a little strong for me especially at that position. And i'm gonna tell you right now. There's a rule in a hang up. I was this way with eric berry. Like man pay safeties. That much money is tough for me. But he is. he's different. He's a different thing because everything that you were saying on the field. I don't disagree with you can add even more. He's a swiss army knife in which he his versatility to be able to cover guys in slot like really cover not just say hey he can cover guys in slot really be able to cover guys in the slot and be a playmaker in terms of russian the passengers to all the things. He's able to do that huge but the bigger thing is what. He needs emotionally leadership. Wise to this team. And that's why there's a special part of why you may pay him potentially more than you normally would and why. I think there is such a need for for to get this done like i. I hear what you're saying you get it potentially get it done i. Just he's he's a guy became an sorta that i don't want to have a negative mindset. I don't want him to be any mindset of damn because this the put myself in his position brad. Bates you say i ain't got no. The time's not right. Bad timing man. Y'all been able to make timing right for a lotta dudes. A lot of guys. Like timing wasn't right but shell found a way to get kelsey done. Timing wasn't right but you found a way and money looked tight to get chris jones. Done you found a way to get the frank the you got stuff readjusted to get people in you.

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