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He was guilty i'm like don't be guilty they gave him to me but when your car it's the people need tire sure source fault i will the yankees gave brian cashman a big thankyou gift for signing john carlos yet and they gave him a fiveyear extension worth reportedly twenty five million dollars while that's a pretty good while he makes 5 million a year or two you don't want you gotta give this guy credit this guy is overcome he's outs controversy he's had pressure i gotta tell you some in to last as long as he is last in new york with steinbrenner his passing his kids he had a personal controversy he had disappointing years you gotta give brian cashman is a i don't know him he is a survivor that that is up by what they just far the giants gia the the knicks have gone through a ton the rangers of made moves this is the number one team in the city and this guy's been running it for fifteen years i don't know him personally have interviewed him that guy is survived in new york deserve credit for that he did he got it kawhi leonard came back from his injury air yesterday is like injury made it in a season debut had thirteen points what i think though is really scary is he also released a video on his institute story which will have in its instagram but it's the story parts of like snapchat prince ramp but it's hindering karate and he is karate chopping looks like concrete or would with his bare hand i don't think that's a good idea for a hawaii to be using his hand to do that when he also needs his hand to play basketball you know i like kawhi leonard but it is sean age the nba is wont there's just a percentage of people who want so badly for their be to be a next the braun remember like a year ago we were like be is the next liberal it's like no he doesn't have that personality and eat another personality now he demanded her ability he's not he's not really a pastor of all he's a score on a defender but it's like everybody wants him to be the next lebrun he ate liberal he's a really good basketball player in a great basketball player in a great system but it's like folks.

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