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Lost long harassment rows. I thought you said you weren't gonna bring that up now. That's the kind of woman. I won't work that my newspaper. Let's do that scenario again with You're the ceo. And i'm coming in. Lower are well first of all before we talk. Talk talk our bought property. There's a proper time for this. And i need you to call Okay yeah plus toronto on through my statement is you're you're really scaring me lady All right all righty. i'll get right on it. See that's the lowest that we really need a lot out of me. I was tailing lowest laying a lot of screaming and arm-waving in the head editor at the daily planet. Yeah all right. I want to get to this well first off spiders. Got a new story. Found a news story queer non no but he can hit. He can hit some music. A young rooster fitted with a knife for illegal. Cockfight has killed its owner in southern. That was my as soon as i saw that headline i was like yep bringing now into the show. Police said the animal was being ready to take part in a fight when it tried to escape. Its owner attempted to catch it but was struck in the groin by a three inch. Long knife that killed the man died on the way to the hospital from loss of blood. What is that. there's a major yes show us clark. Let's reenact it. Police are now searching for fifteen more people involved in the chicken now. This is the best part. The rooster was held at a police station before being transferred to a poultry farm. They arrested the chicken man. Oh was sitting in a tank. Wow yeah yeah. They would arrest chicken india. The chickens have rights in india. No the cows. Cow's do what they thought about chickens. Well they're finding him. Apparently that's draw. I didn't know. Cockfighting was a worldwide sport. Everyone loves a good cockfight so february. Twenty seventh twenty twenty one and this may not apply to everyone listening because this is more of a regional personality but it was very much a an inspirational show to us in the very beginning. You know we're celebrating our fifteenth year now and fifteen years ago. This was a very inspirational show to us. It was the russ martin. Show the host russ martin Dfw broadcasting legend Was found dead in his home. Not really surprising that he's gone because he's had so many health issues and other issues going on but it still sad nonetheless. I was hoping that he had been in and out of his radio show for a while and i was really hoping that you know he would get better. He was only sixty stearns older than that. And he's still going sign on a five year contract with syria. So i thought you know maybe whatever issue russ was going through that he would get over it and get back to normal. Get in shape and start doing show again and and then just retire. Do a final episode. Like who's i got rush limbaugh now the other racist guy don imus dina a all. These guys do some sort of like final broadcast and in dallas. We've had to what i what i consider to icon. Personalities kid critic and russ martin kid was on the air the day before he died so i guess that was his final broadcast but he never was like a farewell broadcast. When i mean. These guys didn't get a chance to retire. They died during their their stint on on air. And so Great personalities here in dallas lotta great radio shows but nobody likes these two icons and both those shows i listen to religiously you know. I always looked at as the white knight he was the family. Friendly guy Non-offensive just the life of the party and russell's more the dark horse the dark night. He was more of the not really shot. He just did his own thing but it was more kind of a dark humor situation and growing up. I always thought. I'm going to be the kid crat. I'm going to be the white knight. But as i got older i realized personality as poor russ mart. And it's more fun to be the plug night. Yeah and i realized that like breast and really liked people. I don't like people. I don't like to go out. Russ has a batmobile or had two of them at one point a mock five monsters try. He was a very big collector of tv. Cars was a big fan of the nine hundred six batman so am i grew up on that because of my dad so there was a lot of stuff i related to as much as i didn't want to To russ and even the way the style of our original show was kind of modeled unintentionally but kind of modeling after his show. It was very unique. There's nobody that really broadcast. Did like russ martin. I kinda see myself. As the lovechild between kid craddock and russ martin with way less talent and creativity. Would you guys see that Well the thing is. I love child of those two iconic. Caster see the kid critic all these. I don't know the russ smart ones. Because i didn't really listen to us. Martin i'll get adding I'll be turning a my My resignation yeah. He's do But no but. I always knew of him. Yeah And i think if you listen to the show and you listen to him and his prime you'd be like oh yeah that's kind of old do will the way it is michael so the and this has nothing against the guy but the it was almost dead Lane in here as gross you out. I just remember the people that always told me kasha. The people are always told me that. I need to listen to the sky where people that i didn't take their opinions. That series missed out. Well possibly did but It was always described it like it was just around table of guys just talking about random stuff more than now they. They do it better than anyone else could. Everyone tries to do it now with their podcasting in their little livestreams. Whatever that's cute tons of bids not gonna be a way that they would do. It felt like it was just a bunch of dudes sitting around conversation. Sure like they were really good and you wanted to be at that table. That's what was the raw especially when they left the mics off. Yeah a lot of stuff we do here on this show at that because that's just become second nature was because i really liked the way that show did it like the the mike. Cutoffs kind of jumping right in without introductions. You know things like that that kind of stuff little subtle stuff like that. I really really enjoyed and honesty. If it wasn't for the rest martin show we never would have got our voice guy. Mike elmore so fifteen years ago We started doing the magas vala show and my space was big at the time. And we would push out our episodes on my space and we got a lot of a lot of tracking. Nobody was really doing what we were doing. At the time and a guy by the of mike elmore hits me up and says hey. I really like your show. It reminds me of a show in dallas. When i used to in radio. They're called the russ martin show not sure if you've ever heard of it because i'm interested in doing some voice work for you if you're interested and fifteen years later mike is still the official voice the show. He is Somebody i look up to kind of an older brother. I've called them in multiple times. When i'm in a business deal and i don't know what i'm doing or what i'm supposed to do. I can call him. He always answered the phone. He's just been A fantastic Influence on me and and the show over the years and we never would have got him. If it wasn't for the russ martin show so at the risk of speaking ill about the dead frowned upon i am i am and you know 'cause like this is something that i had heard or i don't know why would get the supreme about the guy but was he kind of an asshole. Oh yeah that's great. That was his personnel. He would hang up on people. Yeah you got tired of somebody tell you. Just hang up on all right. Well i do that. I do that already. But yeah he would yell at a staff during the the shows. It makes be super awkward. You like oh give me more of this see. I think that's why. I didn't really watch it of that. And there was there. There was a time there was a time. A long time ago. Rags credit uc l. kelly all the time and bring her to tears and they'd be super awkward. I i would see what happens next. I wanna listen to it. But there was a time where i wanted to be in some way involved in broadcasting I'm sorry we didn't fulfill that. Yeah yeah mostly it was. It was sports related boring stuff. I got yeah so you wouldn't understand right. Sounds like have you ever been a football game. I think of the only football game of been as lingerie football. They had it here in dallas. It was the world's worst game it was thirty minutes long. He still had to have something called and like in. Some chick like was explaining the rules to you. Now with my buddy ryan no but it would have been funny if there's a girl like breaking the rules here there's no rules. It was thirty minutes a full game in the freezing cold with girls in bikinis essentially great. I think we have someone coming into a lot of these girls on. Explain the i didn't know anything about it and explain it. I had a lot of those girls on the show back in the day but going back to rutta even asked one out one time but go back to. Russia is never responded to it started. Then i talked about it on the air and she just another minute alone. I'm just trying to think about allied. Now who's disrespecting the dead. You know what though it's because i wasn't black if i was black. She would've taken me like a moth to light. Where are we. Where are we right now. Joe where are we. I'm thinking about the past and what my life could have been how she was so fine adequate doing this. During the show man we would have had athlete babies. I a billionaire by now platinum busted leg. He's in his own mind. What's going on. We need to come in there and get you man. He's trapped in the vojtech not enter that room. Not even if this old. Mtv's shows you can just like the thought bubbles look like next or whatever is that blind date was a blind date on jacker. Yeah no no. He didn't change your heart of hearts. The car you're lying date was also that did have the thought bubble did blind date and they were in the car and guy dragging the taxi or what is there. Also there's also a fifth wheel fifth wheel and then and then after fifth wheel cheaters. That was the late night lineup on channel. Twenty one or whatever. I could see michael. I'm blind date. We've gotta get that julie drop here. She's here. I can just do it i can. Do it live anywhere where you're saying. Sorry i i didn't. I didn't watch it because it was. The sky had a reputation for being an asshole. And i didn't want to. I would've base like or or form any kind of real opinion about the radio industry and be like hey. That's the way that should be done. I i was really into like watching really professionally done stuff and like how. There was a certain method to being on air and structured in an russ martin was not the right there would shut. That's why dead air was their friend. That's why that's why my my real first introduction to like talk radio in dallas was actually with. Espn radio because it was all about sports right and then spider got me hooked on the ticket and it's kinda sounded like well. If you like the ticket. I would've loved. Russ martin. yeah they had. I mean they weren't those tickets shows aren't as but it's the it's a similar style. I think if you if kid chronic and russ martin never did their shows here in dallas. You wouldn't have the shows that you have now. You wouldn't have gordon keith. Those kind of guys. I think all of those guys just like me were inspired by the russ martin's and kit craddock sam. Dan o'malley dan o'malley so Dan o'malley is basically. Now the host of the russ martin show has been for probably the past two or three years. because russ's men in an out Is doing a stellar job. I've i've met dan a few times at vickery actually And he's always been super nice. But i never got a chance to really talk to him and get to know them and so we had an idea for the green room where season two was going gonna be kind of tv and radio professionals in the dfw area. And i would bring him here in the studio and talk to them and we had this thing we were working over a year ago and then cove it happened and kind of the for loop so i hit up dan again and dan's like yeah. I'll come in and do it so a few months ago. I didn't interview with dan. Same day did alan alda at six. Am so i was. I didn't get any sleep the night before because i have bouts of insomnia. Sometimes it just happened to hit the day. I had two big interviews. I was really hoping this. Dan o'malley and we would be just fantastic and i wanted to be present for it and it. I don't know where my head was. I was sitting here in this chair talking to dan and i love danny. Was we each year for like two hours. We talked probably thirty minutes before the show before we even started the interview. We talked for fifteen minutes on tape recording cassette here and then we did an hour and fifteen minute interview and then probably talk for another thirty minutes afterwards. He was great. But i felt like i wasn't present most the time because i was just so exhausted. All right So we kinda sat on that interview one because we want to just kind of put it out with the season. Two of the green room also. Because i didn't. I didn't think it was that great but since russ died i thought it would be good to go ahead and release that. Even though it's about dan dan talks about ross and a little bit the legacy of the show. And and that's i think we're you know we're kind of honoring here. Is the legacy of what these guys have been able to do. All these years including dan and rawson so anyway. We're putting that out this week. I don't have an exact date thing. It's empty now presents the green room. You can see it there. You go to a website tv and even if you're not really familiar with russ martin the russ martin show and all of that if you're just interested in broadcasting in radio and general dan give some great information and it was really great guy which i. i wish. We're going to have him here all the time. I sent them a message yesterday. I know they were getting inundated. Because they went on the air the day he died to announce to everyone. That's tough to do you know. Even though you're expecting him to die at some point not only that it was such big news in the area so they were they were talking about it on news broadcasts that they would be on one o'clock or so. They went like a an hour. Show crying and everything you know. It's it's tough to do that. And but they did it so i sent an email. I said hey you know. Thank you guys for doing what you did. I know it wasn't easy. You know. Let me know if i can do anything. I can't even imagine what they are going through. He's been with russ for almost twenty years. What if what if you actually said. There's anything i can do for you. And he's like well actually michael and he just dumps about like a laundry list of. I'll do it just because i appreciate the show. The show meant a lot to me. All right and is inspired me to do a lot of things so i mean. I'll do whatever he wants to do. I need you to go out and be a pallbearer you to go to the cease to hold back to the stay a week of the season hotel record for bits on a show. I think what they're calling. Now that's why by the way if you ever concerned with why my name isn't actually on the show is mc now. It's because if i die. I'm gonna continue the show. Thank god yeah. I thought about this years ago. So eric would be the dan he would come in and he would host. The show did break broken. Still think we should take your other idea. Just keeping everyone's name the same and replacing the cast so we'll have another michael just brandon mcgahn. Enzi left the building past. Now would you replace me with would you recast me with julie ufo. Joe no that'd be a totally different show hours long and no one would know we were talking about. It would be mc it space it would basically be a clubhouse room where people just go on and on and on and then did you get anything out of that. Collar show confused. Yes that was very helpful. Thank you just happened. Yeah gyms here now. This guy's dropping gyms now that you mentioned that we need to get. We need to get Ufo joe on on clubhouse does he have an iphone. Yeah yeah he can talk for twenty four hours. Also i wanna try to get you to do comedy and vr who me. Oh yeah me January first twenty twenty one years and was on stage doing stand up but yeah you're life sucks whatever and that without the wind like the whatever my car. Oh i did this. I broke my hand. i can't do stand up now. They have open mic on Vr yeah yeah you can go up on stage. A little avatar. That sounds like it might be kind of cool Can you throw virtual tomatoes. I think you can yeah beer. There's actually open mic sessions. So you can go up there. Is you sign up. You go up there and you do your jokes for three or four or five minutes. I like that better than like zoom or something like that because you could kind of be up there with them now. What seemed like an audience. And you don't have that little lag so anyway. I was talking to the bartender. Then he comes on me other it. Allow the saying you. Have you have a device over there that you couldn't scramble your voice with the I don't know i'd have to go punch mexican. i don't know anything about this thing. We don't use it enough. I turn it on every show and this is the first time we've used it this year. So anyway r.i.p to russ martin. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm gonna get clark to listen to all the old shows and Come his number one fan. Well i mean it's too late now. miss the boat but also Just to make clarksville better. I did see bobby bobby. The other day i think. An era the Screenshot bobby up anything. It was like a few weeks ago. Bobby posted on facebook or something like i guess. I'm not good enough. Because he had just broken up with some girl are they broke up with him. That's how it always wharton and then Yesterday i saw check in at a bar restaurant with a new girl. Oh so that was just a few weeks ago. He's doing so much better than clark and And he's older worse looking has no people skills whatsoever about personality. Personality is terrible and yet he's still somehow able to get these girls Than the last all three weeks. Yeah that's what they say about. Bobby is that he can. He has game he does have women. I don't know how he has. No money out. Think even tries. I think he's out there and just they just don't try either the no game game Now bobby try. He tries to be sweet. And i think that's what the girls see like. Oh he's so sweet. He'll do whatever i want him to do. And then they use them and then they dump the pump games. That's the differ swimming. Me and bobby. There's no utility enemy. There's no utility how to him. There's that you probably have more money than bobby. There's no years there's no use in this. Beginning they're like was using dot com. They just figure it out. Let's do a play date with lois lane. And you which lois. Amy adams lois or superman. Silver superman lois lowest dominatrix. You're right yeah. Yeah well foul month. We'll hear charles there could be. I lost shop move apartment. Well the i don't even live in an apartment our thoughts on social round on our home. Well yeah well you know you're gonna get through her six cats i but so Would you want to get a beer or something. He likes the chicken christopher's a year later. Now you're sitting. You're sitting there and you're sitting there total karen and now it's also.

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