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You know endangering the safety of an opponent. He's got a lot of the ball. There's a follow through all right but it's not. It's not a dangerous followed through. You're not injuring anyone in that fashion. Or it's going to be very unfortunate if you do to me. It was dreadfully harsh. And i know it's i don't understand why it was given. It changed the complexion of the game. Because you know. The swiss had battled to get back into it and they found themselves in a good moment. This was this was a really really tough game for the spanish on was interested in. I I was reading on the euro twenty twenty app so graham hunter our friend. Friend of the podcast. He's dispagne reporter so when they're doing their match recaps on the euro twenty twenty app which is pretty. Good up they give. They take a little blurb a little paragraph on On each team from the respective reporter's perspective and obviously for spain. Graham graham had this say about the spanish performance nobody claimed at spam wordperfect. But this was an afternoon which proved where their problems light if they lose an edge physically or mentally then their exuberant sparking. Football can go a little flat. I taught that's exactly what happened in this game. A no matter how much the coach and the two players dislike talking about the subject. Pow tar is an american port as to left-footed central defenders. Simply don't look all that comfortable together. Nothing wrong with the effort nor the basic concepts with the verve. Wasn't there frankly could stand to learn from their opponents daring an all or nothing attitude then again span. Just penalty shootouts onwards. Just that's true. The point he makes about a po- tors and laporte. You could see it in the game. You could see it. In the in the mistake that led to the equaliser But yeah when when when there's a physical or mental or a something goes a little bit against them. this team can lose its its sparkle on its verve. As as graham said an. I thought we were pretty high on span even despite the fact that croatia pegged them back to bring them to extra time in the last game. i wonder if you know. We're roberto mancini's looking at those box and thinking that's somewhere we can. We can prophet. I'm sure he is now. I will say this about spain. it's not like they were completely limp in this one. No they weren't they weren't they generated. Chances i mean like you said john saumur was excellent ten sates in this and that leads to an excellent trivia question for you. Jj All right so yawn summer ten saves last goalkeeper with more in a single euro match. Was sir timothy of howard. So he's actually american so sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. Sorry so sorry euros not not were not tournament. sorry In the euros. But i'll tell you this for you. Specifically i would tell you. Don't think too hard. Don't think too hard more than ten saves in a single euro match. God was not that long ago. Spain was also the opponent. No-gwan tony shay given. no you're doing. Who made eleven saves against spain in group at age loss in twenty twelve andrew. How dare you why that may be a creek statistic. It may be very correct I want you to dan. Look how many goals he can look. Facts are facts and ideal in fact all right. That is that that is so you are right technically. You're right but the numbers and the facts you are right. That is so bogus bogus was. He was literally. And i'd like to see some of those saves by the way he was injured going into the tournament he was. He looked very old in that game and he conceded four goals made eleven saves my stupid my stupid answer of tim. Howard would have been better than this come on. He was excellent that day. That's how his remember that was never even said. Oh my god. That's how history remembers j. o. Lord dot is horrendous. So spader through. I don't i actually don't have a ton left on this game But i am extremely excited about that. Matchup spain in italy. I think that's going to be great. Anyway that is one of the most if not the most regular matchup in european championship span v. italy a kind of shocked me. What do you mean in terms of how many times they they have played each other in major tournaments. Yeah i look. My head is full of things. I've been watching so much football but What yeah that Commentator said those words. Yeah i i don't have the numbers in front of me but that sounds about right. I could see that. Can i Can i do one more thing. I mean they met in the twenty twelve final. I certainly right that right. Can we go back to our chart of on the s. From the previews i promise. I won't dwell on this squad. Average age versus playing time in the season. Twenty twenty twenty one so england with their huge amount of minutes led this table but they were on the good side of it so they had about thirty. Two hundred minutes across their squad played in for in club. Football bought their average age was in around was more was one of the younger ones. Actually it was in around twenty four point six twenty four point eight years of age so there's england in a semifinal Belgium who are out they are. They were one of the oldest teams but actually didn't have they were mid-ranking for minutes. Italy at around twenty eight hundred minutes And an average of twenty seven twenty seven point four. They're still in it. Obviously denmark andrew similar edge to italy la Quite a few laps less minutes. Twenty two hundred minutes. They're still in it. What does this prove about anything. Don't know a lot of numbers. Spain spain suspending england actually are in terms of minutes are are the d. remaining teams with the the two remaining teams with the most amount of minutes going into semi finals. I don't think that makes a difference now. I think we've answered our question on that. Maybe it'll make a difference in the semi finals but But england of showing that with their ability to rotate the squad. No problems Along those lines like is there any i. I've seen this talked about a little bit. Jj is there anything to be made of the fact that before semi-finalists all had their group stage matches played at home in the countries. Yeah is that a coincidence. Or is there something to that nod. There's something in that okay. Of course there is. I mean there's something in the fact that the danes went into their final group game with all that adversity with a design crowd behind him. Yeah against rocha to try and to try and lift them to that victory. of course there is There's something in the fact that wales at the travel back coup and then to rome and then to amsterdam like you just can't discount that There definitely is there definitely is something in it and having a home. Crowd is a pretty nice advantage job. Well there you go. That's our look at the quarter-final stage of the european championships. I'll tell you what let's take a super quick break when we come back on the other side we'll get to our other. Things are happening portion of the program. Don't go anywhere. Oh back now. Caught offside as we wind it down here j on a beautiful fourth of july. At least where i am. It's looks gorgeous out I can't wait to bring my children to fireworks tonight where they will undoubtedly be completely petrified and probably make it a miserable experience for everyone around them Fourth of july memories. You you take a lot of joy in bringing other people down to your misery level. I think you've unfairly pegged me in that way. I think i'm a much more beaten positive person that i'm given credit for But whatever i can take it Let's see a couple of other things. Jj that i wanted to mention. Obviously i wanted to at least say that the Copa america is now almost. It's essentially kind of reaching its conclusion here and we've really gone all in on it. Let's see so brazil governor. Jay zeus sent off but they do advanced one nil over chile and Also that same night an incredible Three three peru advancing on penalties against paraguay. There were cards there were late. Goals for both teams A really thrilling match so peru are into the semifinals as well and then leo messi once again leading argentina scoring a late goal three nil over ecuador and also columbia dancing on penalties. So you've got Some of the the the big boys are all still there. Certainly colombia argentina brazil. And they'll be joined by peru So i don't have too much else. I know the gabby was a worldy. An old timer.

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