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The foxconn and i i you know how does foxconn play in potentially to to what you do well i am very excited because people look at foxconn and they look at engineering jabs and look at five th kinda and said you know there's a lot of jobs here is that direct jabs at gear gonna produce which are engineering in assembly work and all those kind phase but they're going to be a lot of business in that come to support what they do so as to secondary market of jobs in intergraphy third to her sherry jabs and they're going to be restaurants near going to be janitor there gone it'd be jobs all over the place so we're going to be able to hopefully be able to change the nature of southeastern wisconsin to what it was when i came here and when it was when i came here was manufacturing center of the world adding we're going back is going to take us back to that it was and so in the the appeal islamic i know a lot of people are saying okay well that there's going to be a skills gap because some of the jobs the fox hunts will be hiring right now you don't have people trade deal your point is is going to be lots of different jobs that are out there for people i do at all levels and i don't know if we don't have the people who don't they just might not be located in the right places we might have a minute superior we might have him and rhinelander we might have mental across but this is going to affect the whole state is not just gone fact southeastern wisconsin and i think we can step up to the task a doing this and i think the people are here we don't have to go look in someplace else and we talk about engineers we think about madison the milwaukee has the milwaukee school of engineering dry everett put that on the top of our lewis it's on the tupperware less right now so i think we can do.

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