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Do it Okay so before you start. I i just want to bring something to your attention so early. We talked about the Hijacker from youtall. Richard mccoy who was thought to be possibly linked to d cooper. Well i did a quick search to see what mister mccoy looked like and guys to go. Look this up. I kid you not. He looks very much like the famous sketch of db cooper from the earlier hijacking. And so i'm gonna put it out there. I think mr mccoy was in fact db cooper and that's why he's never been found because he was shot to death in the standoff. I really really think so. I mean go look it up when you guys get a chance look up. Richard mccoy utah. A hijacker whatever. And you'll easily find him right. Next to a picture db cooper i mean. It's it's pretty spot on so Yeah just wanted to be that up cut. That was pretty cool very cool. But let's get into today story as i said before. It's on the town of layton utah in the curse of hobbs river. Lean utah is a city twenty five miles north of salt lake city. It sits in between the great salt lake and the was such national force for town of only seventy nine thousand people in twenty three square miles. It has its share of paranormal hotspots. Some of those include hill air force base. Several buildings hill air force base are said to have paranormal activity. Some visitors at the museum say they've seen a ghostly specter disappears into thin air servicemen. Claimed that one of the mechanics buildings haunted by spirit who closes doors and move items around. Camelot park this. Tiny part in layton covers just two point six acres. But some say it's home to an evil presence visitors report laughter and footsteps after dark here bell printing an employee who once worked here reported that he experienced several scary incidents with a spirit touched his hair and brush against him in the hallways and spirit needs to go back to sexual harassment training. You must have died today. They had that class. I travel though layton hills mall stories of weird activity in the middle of the night. Our communist nils mall employees at many stores. Report that potted plants in the mall are dug up overnight. Some say that they've seen ghostly figures walking down the mall corridors after closing times while others report hearing noises leave chills up their spines. Some ghost fucking plant. I don't like this plan on told you people platinum shit in here. It's just issues teens. Who are trying to the mall afterward to get free closed and free. Cd's hey you know what the need those damn robots from from childhood shopping mall have a nice day. That's right layton. Cemetery like most cemeteries delinquents. Memorial park cemetery in luton has plenty of ghost stories. Visitors here report seen orbs around certain headstones in some even claimed to have seen the ghost of a young girl wandering around and sitting under one of the trees here this orbs even even more uk cemetery break yup gentile street. Drive down gentile street along the south edge of the valley view. Golf course is usually a pleasant experience unless it's dark or on an overcast. Drivers report seen a lone man walking down the quiet portion of this road as they approach he turns towards him an appears to be screaming though no sound is heard then he vanishes into thin air and that brings us to our last location in layton. Hobbs restore. let me start off by saying that. If you do a search for the curse of hobbs reservoir you won't get any results the curse as i call. It doesn't seem to actually exist. Couldn't find any record of a curse neither from the youth or go shoot tribes nor anywhere else for that matter nevertheless what we are about to talk about to me seems nothing less than a curse on the land pump out bomb. Had to throw that in there for you okay. Love in nineteen sixty. It was decided that the town's current reservoir snow creek. Reservoir was not large enough to meet. The town's water needs it was decided that a damn a new reservoir was needed and construction began in hobbs. Hollow in northeast layton and walk could find no official account of how long it took to build it most likely was completed sometime in the nineteen twenties. Probably mid late. Twenties hop hollows got its name from the family that settled there in the late. Eighteen hundreds the reservoir would have a sixteen hundred acre water capacity with a greatest depth of thirty feet was built by the case. Creek irrigation company. This reservoir is located at the intersection of highway. Eighty nine in one ninety three west of the wasatch national forest and east of hill air force base. Most people don't swim in haver reservoir often or for very long the eight years or so of the reservoir would see the drownings of half a dozen young people dam. And that's me is where the curse comes in A lot of websites online lotteries online actually referred to it as the haunting of hobbs reservoir I couldn't find really any found a couple of accounts of quote unquote peril mike But really what you find. More are just the voluminous amounts of drownings. That have occurred here about twenty years after it was completed on july. Twenty first nineteen forty-three. An article from the standard examiner was published. That stated contamination was found in the reservoir and it was deemed unfit for swimming. It further stated that anyone found swimming would be subject to disciplinary action. Though it seems this article did not make its way to hill air force base on july six nineteen forty four privates william alfred ford jesse kemp and corporal. William smith all stationed at hill air force base decided to go for a swim on the warm sunday afternoon at three pm. On that fateful day corporal smith wanted to see if he could swim across to the shore on the other side and private opie decided to follow his lead. At some point the nineteen year old private began to have problems in cried out for help from corporal smith corporal smith turned and reached private opie and with him on his back began went back to the shore. They made it some length before the private began. Wayne both them down and began to lose his grip on. Corporal smith eventually opie slipped and fell under he never resurfaced the corporal waiting for the private to resurface before making his way back to shore. The three men then waited on the shore hoping he would re surface and for the next few days local.

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