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Formulation prime minister, nausea, bras is on trial today. Facing a long list of charges linked to the one. Ending be missing money scandal. He's charged with forty two counts of corruption and money laundering. And the case will shine a light on the complex transactions that have led to the disappearance of at least four and a half billion dollars. Nudge denies any wrongdoing veteran, Jerry and President Abdelaziz beautifully has finally stepped down leaving the roll off to the head of the army said he should go without delay. The eighty two year old had been in power for twenty years and had been wanting a new five-year term. It's not clear if beautifully is departure will be enough to calm demonstrators whose demands have widened to include the removal of Algiers entire ruling elite. The European parliament vote is in late may, but already Italy's league is raising the stakes. Bloomberg's John Flynn explains. What will happen if the party schools highly it may seek to rewrite the government contract linking it to the five star movement. Ricardo muti Nadi. A senior league lawmaker said the party would have more bargaining power. After the vote in Rome, John frame, Bloomberg daybreak Europe, the city of Chicago. Has made history after electing a black woman as the mayor for the first time former federal prosecutor Lori Lightfoot won the vote by seventy four percent. And we'll be the first openly gay leader of the third largest city in the US and a black beetle the size of sesame seed is killing South Africa's trees are no one knows how to stop it. Bloomberg's Polian backs reports. Police soccer short hole Borer is one of less than twenty bark beetle species worldwide targets, an extraordinary white range of healthy trees inside Africa, and has been found all across the country from the eastern port city of Durban to western indigenous forests near Cape Town Johannesburg has been hit the hardest because it has ten billion trees in Johannesburg hauling box. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on and it take talk on Trump's with a four one thrashing Wofford last night's Manchester..

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