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November survivors of last week's florida high school shooting we'll be lobbying lawmakers in tallahassee today the climate change allan's lawmakers attitudes about what weapon jill legal in florida soon survivors are not taking no for an answer they are hopping on buses today at one p m there are heading to the state capital demanding insisting that state lawmakers listen to their voices and they plan to challenge any state lawmaker who thinks who believes that they might know more about gun control than they students survivor who came face to face with death correspondent racial floors in the wake of the florida high school shooting schools and colleges nationwide or planning a protest including some around here is being organized by a youth segment of the women's march on march fourteen susan high schools and colleges across the country will walk out of class for seventeen minutes in honor of the seventeen victims in parkland florida medicine thomas is organizing a walkout at georgetown university to raise awareness the issue of gun violence called and call on our legislators to take action on done reform among the high school scheduled to take part walter johnson in bethesda yorktown at washington lee high schools in arlington move relief on wmal and double gmailcom see the full list of schools planning walkouts i've wwlcom pressure continues to build for the dc public schools chancellor to step down for violating school lottery rules to benefit his own daughter five dc council members of now called on chancellor antoine wilson to resign the districts inspector general's office found that wilson violated the rules he wrote when he asked for help in getting his daughter transferred to wilson high school gas prices in the washington area have been dropping a little lately gas buddies patrick dehaan says it's not just around here the second straight week that the national average has declined in fact fortyseven in the nation's fifty states song gas prices declined versus where prices were a week ago so it's been a fairly broad decline across much of the country locally average gas prices fell two and a half cents a gallon in the past week now averaging 275 a gallon police officer convicted of trying to help isis says his behavior was an aberration and does not reflect who years 38yearold nicholas young also says he never considered engaging in or supporting any terrorist acts against the us young was convicted in.

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