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The three as well as promised it's been getting sun here as the day goes on hotter and human as well more humid. using mid eighties today feels like it's in the low nineties all right down to the upper sixties overnight and then again tomorrow much less sticky out there right now in Boston it is eighty degrees Antonio brown is on the practice field this afternoon in Foxboro the rest of the New England Patriots this after we learned last night he is facing allegations of rape and now the district attorney and a leg any county Pennsylvania says they'll be looking into those allegations WBZ's Chris farmers in Foxborough the latest in a long line of controversy this year for Antonio brown the embattled why does who arrived here in the bay state just three days ago and signed a day later he is now the subject of a federal lawsuit filed in South Florida the alleged he sexually assaulted his former trainer on three different occasions then it's graphics stuff according to the court documents brown denied the allegations through his lawyer who says the all pro will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name but to protect other pro athletes against other false accusations they do it they they take the matter very seriously and under no circumstances condone sexual assault or violence but will have no further comment about the investigation takes place live in Foxboro Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio back to school buses have been brutal for some Boston public students on multiple occasions bus loads of kids of showing up late in the morning and Dorchester parents have taken their complaints to the city's three one one system to say they've got a last minute calls to pick up their kids because the buses hadn't superintendent Brenda Cassell is talk to WBZ about it quite the issues have been with the routing and that you know we're trying to get to the bottom of the routing and some of our some of our schools and then we had some students who were late registration and so we had to adjust some of the routes for them and so we're trying to get to the bottom of that with our bus drivers Sally says the delays are getting fewer every day it's the third week for the union trash collection workers strike. in Marshfield Rocklin an Abington the picket line began workers from teamsters local twenty five asked for better pay and benefits residents are getting their trash picked up by non union workers in the interim as a point of contention is officials in those areas are saying the trash pick up back on schedule while union rep say that's not true workers unionize six months ago or trying to negotiate their first collective contracts for men previously charged with breaking into Taylor swift's mansion in Rhode Island is now facing charges for allegedly doing doughnuts at president trump's New Jersey golf course not the delicious kind the destructive kind the act apparently caused over twenty grand worth of damage earlier this month the donuts were done at different holes leading authorities to charge Richard McCuen from Milford with criminal mischief. what a Jack by Scott was just the beginning of the ordeal for away myth two year old that child must now undergo a series of painful shots after the animal tested positive for rabies WBZ TV is Julie macdonell has the story she was hysterical as we all were was screeching the family had been grilling in playing outside when suddenly an aggressive skunk charge toward them in the backyard before her mother or grandmother could reach the little girl the skunk bit her and wouldn't let go phantom is mother was able to pull her away then women firefighters arrived to put the animal down but not without a fight it took awhile to Scott kept coming at the fireman they said it would not give up at the hospital Fatimah.

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