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Network league beasley topped the our terry francona next hour my thoughts on jay cutler coming up later on this hour but let's talk western commerce basketball from moment golden state warriors took a giant step a giant step closer to winning the twenty nineteen western conference finals yesterday now i'm not going to say we should just hand the trophy to them right now you know what screw would go ahead hand the trophy to them right now because barring a series of unforeseen and horrible injuries the golden state warriors or twenty nine thousand nine western conference champs go ahead hook 'em up right now with the hardware just do it and that's before i've seen boogie cousins in his return from the achilles injury i have no idea how he comes back i don't need to know it's also without waiting to see jonas drako and waiting to see that signing is official i don't need to wait for that either because as intriguing as those moves are and i liked them both it's got nothing to do with golden state it's all about the rockets might take all about the rockets the rockets are the reason that i'm willing to crown golden state the western conference champs right now next season because of the rockets or who the rockets were because last year's rockets had the best record in the west last year's rockets came within inches of knocking out the warriors and is every rockets fan will tell you if chris paul stays healthy that series might have ended differently there were up three games to two they were headed back home they had a chance to finish really two chances to finish the champs were on the ropes the champs rashly taking a standing eight but the rockets did not show them out and from the looks of things their window to win a title may have already slammed shut because this year's rockets team will not look very much like last year's rockets team yes they'll have james harden and chris paul and clint cappella you may not be happy now capellas looking for a fat stack good alvin that was tight looking for a fat stack he may not get that but he should be back however trevor aretha not so much he was introduced in phoenix last week luke a moutain also gone he signed with the clippers now listen you may look at these two moves and think they're not richter scale rocky moves but they're brutal losses for a team that was that close and the reason they are they're versatile guys with length who get after it on defense due to can stick which is anybody that you put them on on one end of the floor and then stretch the floor in drain of three at the other so losing a guy like that is bad losing to guys like that is brutal i'm gonna question or get into the question as to why didn't resign luke when it seemed like they would have had a break the bank to get him because there's something more troubling on the horizon rocket fans because here's a sentence from a tweet that's gonna keep off houston up at night and i quote houston is determined designed carmelo anthony once he becomes free and okay see sources tell espn that's not a wood farm that's something completely different that's actually a warning shot the sign of impending doom armageddon houston is determined designed carmelo anthony it's kind of like that colossal water in jurassic park which shakes is the t rex approaches now before i continue let me just stress this rockets gm daryl morey knows more about basketball and assembling a roster then pretty much anybody on the planet not named bob myers he's set a goal a beating the warriors this year that was his mission and he may have come through with that that may have happened if not for a tweaked hamstring this guy really is a certified genius and if anybody has ever earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to putting together a team it's daryl morey by this is carmelo anthony we're talking about thirty four year old carmelo anthony coming off a rough season okay see carmelo anthony guys now liability on one end of the floor in totally worthless on the other end a guy who's shell of his former self and seemingly incapable of accepting his role of who and what he's become if i'm looking replace a pair of three in guys komo anthony is not exactly on the.

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