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Imagine being naked in your mama's kitchen goddamn would support thing mom to this year this year solidified community to like the way that we were able to lean on each other because everybody was feeling it differently. This year we are all experiencing a very differently but it was nice to catch each other in the ebbs and flows. You know like some of us and we had the capacity to pour in a little bit. It was nice to be able to do that when some of us needed to be poured into a little bit i feel like there was a lot more transparency this year within my community like people just finally admitting like i'm not okay jada and her untangle mid but you know it was just nice like i feel like i my friends. My support systems. We are really really sorry to with a lot of clarity this year and not to say like If people weren't helping each other 'cause remember that tweet as was tiem our you somebody suite that we were making fun of what she was like. This is where you learn who your real friends are. And it's like no actually a lot of people was struggling and didn't have time for everybody. You know the process in their own way. But i felt confident in what i could contribute to. My friends lives this year and vice versa. Just feel solid. Like i love my friend so much deeper this year. I've spent a shit ton of time with crystal and it has been amazing. I don't think we've ever gotten to spend this much time together. Like i see them every week. When did we ever do that. Borough get in on the face when i can which You know saying. I just trying to be cracking me up. You does the same outfit this friend. Oh my god we both had that bucket low like fucking though but it was perfect and yours will so cute omar god but yeah so i just also want to shout out my relationships outside of romantic but just all of them just felt so good this year and i'm thinking yeah i I agree it's been a great year for friendship. And i'm grateful for my friends that i have. I'm grateful like i said i'm not even gonna get on my soapbox shot up to james carl on on youtube spill avoid tv. He let me get off my soapbox but don't boom bang. I love change. Follow him on youtube. If you don't already subscribe to his shadow spill avoid tv. But i'm gonna get off my soapbox. But i'm just very grateful. This is very much a moment of gratitude for me. So catch me while i'm being nice. You know what i'm saying cuts on you know he's like x. D saying shit. Ain't sweet okay. Our feeling this gratuity. Now as you saying you know catch you. Are you being nice Are you already kind of thinking about both yards and listening to. Are you already kind of thinking about a wondering like next week. Next year is going to be like For and that's why. I'm forecasting. Because i feel like mardi late to the game because i know i'll be talking to you and you'd be like oh yeah mardi thinking about twenty twenty two and i'm damn i forgot about to be a whole new year and you're a year you next year damn like so. That's why i'm gonna just like all right now. We better get it up. I'm not going to be life. Christmas time like thanksgiving. That can get the tickets. I can go somewhere this time. Or maybe not. But that's something. I do wanna touch on to you. Know we are coming. Apple holidays thanksgiving christmas. Do you have plans. Are you trying to make plans. How are you thinking about doing that with Covy and i guess before we even do that there. Are these stories coming out about this vaccine. Oh god so just keep that vaccine in your mind before we even get there but we're coming up on the holidays. Are you thinking about doing. Some zoom spectacular. Are you showing a place with the face masks a actually. This might be a little bit too much. Let me just back this up. Because the only reason i ask this because i feel like people are going to themselves. We need to take some creative ideas. But i also don't want people tweet like all up in time i will. You shouldn't do this because one of the things about this whole it is what it is but one of the things about this cova thing that i'm just like so stuck with like everybody has to take care of themselves. Somehow whether it is staying the fuck home whether it might be you know going out every once in a while to get some sunlight or drink outside you know what. I'm saying like everybody has to do what they have to do to stay sane or whole what they gotta do. So that's why. I don't even wanna start a narrative to where people can feel like they should judge because i don't want anybody judging each other because i know we keep seeing these numbers spiking. It just makes us painting. And i don't want us to panic and going anywhere anyways because i'm the cousin that pulls up for you know thirty minutes tops says hi to. Everybody eats a little bit of food to not be disrespectful and it gets the fuck out. So this is fabulous fan fucking tastic that i don't even have to give thirty minutes inches tax to you and be like well girl knows the pandemic. Have you seen that video where that girl. She's like she's eating chips. You just win- people's choice award for me. Because i don't have her name but i literally just took her like two days ago. She is so funny looking right. You're credit she was like i can't go her name. Her name is elsa and her. Twitter account is m aid. Excuse me her. Instagram account is a j. I m b dot. Oh she is according to her bio or multi award winning chess champion and professional bragar. She is laria so damn funny. Sent that video to the girls. I was like this is us could s the pandemic. I will find any excuse to not go anywhere so this just did it for me. I'm very thankful for this. I will find any excuse. This is all the train. I heard the chains crazy. May i don't know you know. She has off. She needs to stay home and stay home on the reason where dangerous to walk. I don't have the rife the have much you have already girl. I like you know. So i'm i'm not going anywhere. I think we'll the thankful that i've asked because i was in atlanta. See my dapper his birthday with video birthday instead. Those amazing dad screaming surprise him. I was fucked up. The atlanta was so open like mother. I wish it and it was. It was amazing. But it's also like well like i don't know i got my period now. Like who distance in airport went into scientist. This is the time to fly and that was why honestly that was what i did. I went to atlanta. Because right now and you know atlanta's airport is a delta hub but delta is one of the airlines because i i heard everybody ain't doing it and i can't believe that's true but delta is one of the airline said it's social distancing. There are people in the inbetween seat because of my status. I got an upgrade. So i was sitting in first class. I definitely didn't have anybody next to me. Leasing leaks need. It was like i had all the leg space anita and had all the air breathing space it because there was virtually no one around the delta status man. My shit tanked copper. Look i have me some status credits. So that's what helped me our like. Well what does this credit for them. And then the nerve to charge me for clear. And i told cnn. Now here's the thing right clear. No thank you because it's only for one year but pre checked whenever preach out this week. Say that it. I don't think they asked me for yet. But whatever preach asking me for it they can get it. 'cause it's always for years. Some of the are multiple. Necessity are taking. Thank you like our ways. Unfortunately i got to the airport early on my way back so check wasn't even up in but that was method..

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