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The event to protest the treatment of women in saudi arabia i things that day championship set off psycholanalysts world championships shouldn't be organized stay in the country arar the humanrights and especially the rights of four women are delighted mosey truck road on our facebook page that the laws governing what women can or can't do in saudi arabia would have made her feel like a secondary creature her words the saudi government has relaxed at least one of those rules for the tournament this week women competing in the events are not required to cover up with a job or abaya the own requirements are trousers and high neck blouses but that was not enough for the ukrainian chap to call off a boycott even though at a previous tournament in iran muzzy cheug did compete and she did where a head covering i decided to go there and i felt myself how it dish to being she job throughout all the time and two oldest thrashed sara renner and human and don't have the same rights a s the man that's why it was even more wish not to playing so we'll give you a question so we did it seems to be even award war movie took won't be the only one missing the tournament players from iran and qatar regional political rivals to saudi arabia have had trouble getting saudi visas in time and israeli players have had their visas denied altogether except bake a in psalm nine away also violation of the statute of our wealth chests the duration he did events must be held in the country where all layers uh can com ukraine's unomoz each speaking there to the bbc about her refusal refusal to defend her two world speech as titles this week in saudi arabia.

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