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Always tried sunday team t out wide tom how are you to point guys it seem like after the game and watching the game oh you want and that's all to me i was who were matters a frustrating performance overall for you in the office is that fair to say yeah you know we we i said after the game you know it's it's still broke houston wasn't as good as we would've liked you know door load good plays ever made and there were some that were you know twenty battle and so it was just inconsistent by open no we will talk about that it you know pretty much all week and then you know try to play love that against pittsburgh the new well can you and like not so obviously romeo crennel damn good defensive corner but what that they do in in lamest term to make it difficult for you and and and the passing game it was just a bit and it it the first break the federal league for region everybody give players you know that you know put a lot of pressure on the opposing offense to you know perform at a high level and it's hard to do that because they have a good pass rush they have good coverage and they mix in some scheme stuff that you know challenges you to you know communicate well and then you know what execute and then on top of that we have execute great we had thrown catch the ball as well as we're capable you know we had run of blockers woes we're capable things that we've been doing you know all season so i think it was just you know we made plenty of good plays him into we've had a great game you know you have had a great game you know i think the thing i think for st everybody should turnovers that was the one that you know those things that we talked about all season that are important nope you don't turn the ball.

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