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Calling 809 four 8 Mike Let's get our first traffic check of the weather with Steve dresner In the WTA traffic center hey Steve Good morning channel We'll start off in Maryland on the northbound side of the BW Parkway the ramp to go to westbound route 32 has been reopened crash activity all clear Do you use a bit of caution We are seeing the heavier fog or dense fog along the 95 quarter between the two beltways surround BWI Marshall airport At one point the visibility was reduced to zero so it can ease a bit of caution no problems on 95 between the two bellwethers weren't pretty good shape on the capitol building throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county traffic moving well on two 70 and also have been foggy along the route 50 quarter from the capitol beltway out to the Chesapeake Bay bridge In the district quiet ride in both directions on the freeway D.C. two 95 and I two 95 currently traveling incident free over in Virginia also a nice ride along the beltway in both directions no problems We're finding on 66 or three 95 we looked at some of the traffic cameras along the 95 corridor between the Springfield interchange and Fredericksburg No incidents to report but the dense fog area right around Dale City the rest area so again may want to back down on your speeds low beams on please and wipers possibly on for safety The new year's mattress sale is going on now in Ashley homestore save up to $1000 on select Ashley sleep beauty rests Seeley and groove mattresses only at Ashley home stores Traffic Thank you Steven Let's get our New Year's Eve weather now with storm team fours Mike steinfeld We have a dense fog advisory for Washington Frederick counties until ten this morning I also watch out for some drizzle It could be a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon our highs upper 50s.

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