United States, Chucky Schumer, Al Franken discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Pretty much every democrat every damn near every democrat over the course of this day in the united states senate they all took turns and they all came out and said alfred lincoln must resign franken came out about mid afternoon and announced stay a press conference four tomorrow hasn't committed at all as to what he will say at that press conference and in franken in his staff right now are putting out the word that they they don't know what they're going to do they have no intention of resigning then the democrat leader in the senate chucky schumer he came out late this afternoon and he sorta put the final shovel of dirt on franken's coffin and chuck schumer came out and said i'll franken must resign i have no doubt that franken probably will resign him out then i have no doubt that a lot of republicans and conservatives will cheer because al franken is a is a partisan democrat so here's a partisan democrat that's getting tossed but but i want you to pay attention republicans and conservatives i want you to pay attention to what the democrats are doing because the democrats are sitting yet look look look i wanna tell you that from chuck schumer to dick durban every every one of these democrats in the senate every single one of them you know what they they don't give a damn they don't really want they don't really believe in should resign because they believe franken did anything wrong they want this is all political they want franken to resign because they want to be able to point a finger at the republican party the day after tomorrow and say this is all a republican problem she we cleaned up our house we got rid of john conyers we just got rid of al franken hey you all you when you arroyo more aid you in that guy in the white house the harasser in the white house this is a republican problem the republicans won't do anything about it year of the women and it's all going to be about 2018 this is a cynical purely cynical strategic move by the democrats so that when roy more wins and aguada guatemala lim right now roy moore's gonna win and roy more should win but when roy more win and roy more becomes a united states senator this will be along with all the anti trump stuff this will be the democrats campaign next year in 20 eighteen.

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