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Joe, Johnston pulls back again. By July eighth, he's well entrenched on the North Bank. So the Chattahoochee, the last river between the Union army in Atlanta. At tecumseh could attack the confederate position head on. or He could cross the chattahoochee south of rebel. Lines. Threaten. Their. Rear. Becomes done both of those things and he wants to try something new. You. Know Surprise Joe in his gray. Gladman. Enter General John Scofield. John Takes his small army on a recon mission north of the confederate position and finds a barely guarded ferry where his entire force could easily cross the chattahoochee. Even better for the Union army's Joe. Johnston's got his cavalry miles to the southwest covering the place where he thinks union troops might cross the river. Let's do this job. At three thirty P. M. John's men's splash across the chattahoochee and take the southern's totally by surprise. By Sundown, the Union, Army of the Ohio has built two pontoon bridges taking the high ground entrenched and is ready to defend their position. Town that's good work, John Its top it all off John reports that this move is done quote without the loss of a man. Close quote. This slinky maneuver forces Joe Johnston to retreat again. He takes his manned Peach Tree Creek a small stream runs east to west only five miles north of Atlanta proper. And that's the last move that the balding confederate general will make not because he finally stops you trine of course, but because he gets fired. Here's how that goes down. CSI President Jefferson Davis is sick and tired of watching. Joe. Give up ground in Georgia. So July Sixteenth Jeff Asks Joe to explain his overall plan to save Atlanta from the Yankees. The general. Answers. As the enemy has doubled number, we must beyond the defensive I plan of operation must therefore depend upon that the enemy. Is mainly to watch for opportunity to fight advantage. That's Joe. Your boss wants a plan of action. You WanNa stay on the defensive. Jeff Davis thinks this plans sucks. Joe Johnston has to go. So on July Seventeenth Jeff Sachs experienced but underperforming Joe Johnston via telegram. I express no confidence that you can defeat or repel the enemy. You are hereby relieved from the command of the Army and Department of Tennessee, which you will immediately turn over to General John Hood. How much that's almost says badged girlfriend breaking up with you via taxed. But WHY IS JEFF choosing to promote relatively inexperienced General John Hood. Well, as it so happens, John has been writing to Jeff and see Assay War Secretary James Seddon for weeks now. The confident blue eyed commander has been talking up his own qualifications while not. So subtly hinting that other confederate generals like next in line William Hardy referred Joe Johnston's defensive plans. The same day John Gets promoted war Secretary James said, and sends a message to him saying quote you are charged with great trust. You will I know test to the utmost your capacities to discharge it. Be No less wary than bold. Exactly a message that exudes confidence but aggressive eager for fight John, has command now. Let's see how he does. On July Twentieth Union troops start moving toward the confederate army and its newly promoted leader John. In General George Thomas in his army marched across Peachtree creek in a direct assault on confederate lines. But John's rebelled troops are ready for the attack. What they aren't ready for is Union General John. SCOFIELD's advanced from the east. Not Good. John Scrambles data's grey clad soldiers in position for this two pronged federal salt at four pm John is finally ready to launch an attack to stop the Yankees but this delay gave union commanders a chance to prepare instead of marching into confederate lines they dig in on the highly defensible southbank of Peachtree Creek and wait for the rebels to attack them. The confederate assault devolves into a bloody mess in the sweltering afternoon, heat and humidity. John's lack of overall field command experience begins to show one Alabama soldier recalls. The most perfect order and system and movements of the army under Johnston suddenly changed into utter confusion. Cavalry were hurrying in one direction artillery flying in another infantry double quickening another. And everywhere confusion. In only a few hours of fighting John Loses around forty, seven, hundred men while inflicting only one thousand, seven, hundred, ten casualties on the Union forces. The defeated confederate general retreats behind intimidating defenses that ring Atlanta. But there's no way aggressive John is just going to sit and wait for come to Sherman to attack him. This guy got schooled by the likes of Bobby Lee and Stonewall Jackson. He's not going to cower before the enemy. Now. On the night of July Twenty First, John Orders William, hardy in two infantry divisions on a night march to attack. General James McPherson's Army of the Tennessee. This army stationed east of Atlanta and is threatening to not only shell the city but also break the making rail line. John can't have that. So we want man to get around the union rear and launch a surprise attack at dawn. Year that doesn't work. The march starts late the men are exhausted. The still night air is hot as hell and confused Calorie leaves the infantry right into the reinforced union front instead of sneaking around the back. Nice Despite this mess at noon on July twenty. Second William Orders, his southern boys to attack. The uncoordinated assault by exhausted rebel soldiers meet stiff, federal. Resistance General James McPherson keeps a close eye on the battle to ensure as men can hold their ground. Within an hour James Learns that there's a half mile gap between his Fifteenth Sixteenth Cores and that the confederates could easily exploited. He's got to close it. James. In a staff, mount their horses a start writing the dense woods toward the battle. came. So anxious, he rides ahead of his men. The young general soon, see soldiers through the trees. He also sees their gray uniforms. The confederates have already infiltrated the gaps in his lines. James can't hide. The confederates have heard his horse. Halt. One of them yells others take aim with their rifles. James Turns horse around the before can ride safety confederates fire. Thirty five year old up and coming James Drops off his horse dead before he hits the ground. When comp hears about James, death he shocked. He later reports Suddenness of this terrible calamity would have overwhelmed me with grief. But the living demanded my whole thoughts..

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