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His timing is everything in life. You're Charlie got kids to see a portion of it, not the whole thing, but a goodly portion of it with the update, And with the break, I did get to see yes, some of the weekend and its performance here at halftime. Here is my in depth analysis of the weekends overall, 14 men say what? Not long we've seen longer halftime performances. I don't know the exact time of it. I'm guessing here, but here is my in depth analysis of his performance. Mm. That's about it. I'm not going to say, man. Did he blow it, Michael? What was the NFL thinking? Putting him up there? He's not as exciting as what you usually get it half time. No. He's a solid performer and needs got one great song that he played on finished up with, and that was as expected, pretty darn good. It is a major production and kowtow to him and the NFL on everyone who's involved with it, And I'm sure they contract Ah musical production people to be able to put on as big a show is they do and and that seemed up to snuff but blew me away. Not even close. So if you want to do your quick critique of either the verse hand for the football game, and I give you some thoughts on that coming up in just seconds or the halftime show with the weekend I'm sorry. He's just not even in the same zip code with some of the other people that they've had performing over the last several years. Bruno Mars. I know they've already tapped into him a couple of times. But I would be okay. Bruno Mars played every year at halftime. He's that good that I'd be okay with that. And yeah, he makes the weekend look kind of pedestrian, which I think was A good way to describe this year's halftime entertainment performance. Now pedestrian would be overstating what to keeps brought to table in the first half of the actual football game. The Bucks lead 21 2 3.5 21 6. Give me but it did make that second two ago. Esso. It is within a two score game. They're down 15 points right now, And we know Patrick moms is capable of generating that kind of offense. But not off the look of what their first half offense was. Did not do much. Mahomes wasn't great. The offensive line which we know are playing with backups didn't do a good enough job protecting the homes. If it wasn't for his ability to jump and dodge and move and make backyard plays in the backfield, we would be looking at 50 60 70 yards in sacks so far. What we are looking at is and it is about his ugly. A performance in the first half of football was I can remember. The Kansas City teeth were flagged eight times for 95 yards. Eight penalties and almost every single one of them, you would say was big. It wasn't like, all right. They got second in 11 and a jump upside. Still second and six gives him a better chance to move. No, no, these were all fucked. Not all but a lot of penalties, led two first downs. Extended drives gave them a chance to take a field goal off the board instead. Get a touchdown. Just completely undisciplined play by the cans and keeps in the first half Shame on the players, but also shame on Kansas City's coaching staff, including the head coach Andy Reid. Really poor performance by Kansas City in the first half to penalties that were called that were complete and utter retaliation penalties. A Tampa player goaded a Kansas City player into taking an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty or lay dead penalty. Chris Jones on a plate trying to get the Brady uh, the Kansas City center. Does a good job of after Brady had gotten rid of the ball, getting up underneath the shoulder pads of Chris Jones and tick him off Jones, then retaliate and goes to the face. I don't know if the referee saw the first part of the skirmish between the two players he may or may not have, but he may have overlooked it because it wasn't to the face. Chris Jones responds with a shot to the face. Here comes the flag. 15 yards on sportsman like the drive continues for the box and the Touchdown that they got right here. At the end of the first half, which can cities drive stalls. They settle for a field goal. They run it on. First down, get all of two yards. And can see takes a time out. Then they get about five or six yards on second down, so they're looking at third and short can see takes time out again. The Patriots only have one time out. And it didn't look like they were going to call the time out there. So can city allows the Patriots 80 keep their time out and be to go for it On third down, they do. They conferred. Then a major pass interference penalty down the sidelines. Evans gets behind the defense. And Breeland. Trying to catch up makes a di about him, and I think he tripped on the play. But he absolutely called Evans caused. Evans to trip is well. They rightfully throw. The flag was pass interference and Romeo kept talking about. Well, was it a catchable ball and night? You can't know when you wipe out the receiver and take him off his feet unless it overthrown by 15 yards, that the referee s the speculate Would he have been able to extend and make the player diver make the play? They don't do that They automatically throw the flag. So that was a humongously dumb penalty. And then, as the drive continued, after Brady gets touched down, our gets close to touchdown. Tyron Matthews gets into enjoying match with Tom Brady Brady Absolutely got in Tyrone Matthews, his face first. They showed it on replay absolutely went up to him and started join at him. Tyrone Matthews comes back at him and again raises a finger to Brady's face. I don't know if he made contact or not. It wasn't like what Chris Jones did. Chris Jones absolutely went up underneath the Tampa centers, Tin strap and pushed his helmet. Of Tyronn Matthews. Donnie Badger tapped Tom Brady face mass. That was it, but he got in his face and again, it was retaliation. You can't do that. You can't get suckered into those stupid penalties. Kansas City is trailing in this game, due in large part to their own fault, their own complete, undisciplined ways. Shame on the players. Shame on Andy Reid. Now, Patrick the homes Patrick. Mom's in a Can. City offense is still potent and they took the opening kickoff and I've already dropped the ball about 30 yards and the 1st 2.5 minutes here. With a couple of nights passes in a couple of nights front, So this game is probably far from over. But the first half was all Tampa and it was because Kansas City just kept offering them chance after chance after chance. Have to chance. Oh, by the way that Brady guy in the first half 16 of 20 for 140 yards and not one, not 23 touchdown passes. Pretty damn impressive. He only two for 140 yards wasn't like He threw the ball all over the light. But he threw the ball accurately. He threw it to open wide receivers who made plays for him. He made passes that Defensive players on the cancer decide. Decided we better do something. Try and keep the guy from making a catch and took pass interference. Penalties. Oh, yeah. That That's what Tom Brady does to you. So the goat is getting the better of the little Billy goat so far here in the first half all Tom Brady 16 of 20. For 140 yards. It hasn't been what I expected. So far, I thought both teams will be able to move the ball through the air. The Patriot surely have. I thought Kansas City would be much more effective. For the third time. They've had a good drive that is taking the ball into Tampa Bay territory. But once again the driver's stalled and now they're trying a lengthy field goal. Harrison, but Gir from deep I think it was over 50 yards. If not, it was deep forties, but he checks it home. Gotta give Harrison but her credit he is keeping them in this game all by his lonesome. Kansas City's punter has had a terrible game so far, but their field goal kicker has been the only guy who scored for them. So far, we've already logged 30 some odd minutes of play. In Kansas City has not scored a touchdown. Yet the most prolific offense in football has not been able to get a touchdown gives some of the credit to the Tampa defense. Because they played well and again. They've been smart, something that can city has not been..

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