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Eight hours raanan don's top five number two this is one of those songs holiday road of course by the great lindsay buckingham that's not specifically written for christmas but i feel like has been folded in now to the christmas season it feels like a christmas carols we now the image of a station wagon with everything staff sean todd daily il fitted robes and bungee cord i still see it as a summer road trip song by derailing this time jeff yao he who have not been watching enough our commercials i have nothing sit that tokyo certain everyone's been using in the all i travel is going to be rough so driving i5 southbound is you just heard tracy mentioned that i five southbound and dupont hopefully that's going to be reopened the next few days of but if you are going to organ for example for the holidays you're adding hours to that trip no matter which way you go travis phelps from washington state department transportation says make other plans the alternate routes those the places through rory impertinent shelton and bremerton those are going to be slow for just a few days lotteries rove travel the crafty of i five or take an awful lot of traffic and putting them on lagos recruits if more highways rick can you to see this as a challenge for days ago so we will give you more updated information on that as tracy does more traffic reports in the next couple of days but you could fly from seattle to oregon i told the act that while i talk about how holiday travel from we give them a whole bunch of holiday gm to see which one he did i approve christmas analyst numbers david eyres it's one of you do wanna fly to oregon today's the last day that you can get those discounted seattle to.

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