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Opioid Johnson and Johnson motivated by greed and avarice is responsible for the opioid epidemic in our state Attorney General Mike hunters as Johnson and Johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths caused by downplaying the side effects of opioids hunter says the company built its billion dollar brand out of greed and it's been the king pen behind the nation's opioid crisis a new poll shows a nearly three way tie between senator Bernie Sanders senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden in the race for the democratic presidential nomination the Monmouth university poll released Monday put Sanders and Warren both that twenty percent of the pole with Biden at nineteen percent the former vice president pledging thirteen percentage points from the thirty two percent he had an Monmouth's last national poll that was back in June and alleged prostitute is under arrest and facing charges in connection to the death of a New York City chef James flipping has details forty one year old Angelina parini charged in federal court accused of distributing substances containing fennel sources indicate she told police that she give him a thirty three year old Andre as emperor only liquid ecstasy and then you never woke up after passing out he served as the head chef at chip Brianti dolci in Grand Central Terminal workers reported him missing and he was found dead last Thursday wrapped in a blanket inside in Elmhurst queens hotel that neighbors described as a prostitution and drug den Marini the accused also faces charges in connection to two other fatal overdoses I'm James flippant.

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