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Was some actor one st about me kissing me was like guessing Hitler well I think there is brought there were even signs that she was finally taking back control of her hey attic love life the affairs with the powerful ruthless men that had caused her so much unhappiness and who had used her as a pawn in their schemes against each other include being John F. Kennedy his brother Bobby Frank Sinatra and Mafia boss Sam Giancana had all come to a horrific head at Sinatra's cal Neva resort and Maryland is had finally been open as to their real motives both of the Kennedys had broken up with her she'd been involved with I Jack and then Avi they weren't nice about breaking up with her so she was really mad about that the twenty four hours before her death she really strikes me ask someone who was putting her life back together she had spent so much time and energy becoming Marilyn Monroe we know I really have trouble believing that she committed suicide intentionally maybe she caused her own death by as I said taking champagne and sleeping pills was something she did so that's an easy trap to fall into after the tumultuous events of the preceding weeks Maryland plan to spend the weekend relaxing at home according to the official truth only four people saw her alive that Saturday the photographer Lawrence Schiller with whom she discussed the possibility of playboy publishing nude photos of her taken on the set of something's got to give her housekeeper Eunice Murray her psychiatrist Dr Greenspan and her publicist Patricia nukem the latter three were to have central roles in her death and subsequent Conspiracy Theories Patricia new was one of Maryland's press agents more than that they became very close friends in Marilyn's final two years the pair may have been friends but they were also rivals here's entertainment journalist Charles Castillo no one could really compete with Marilyn Monroe but pat newcomb was a little bit younger and she was attractive and she was smart so some people nickname and Pat Newcomb civil for civil rivalry Maryland came to believe that Robert Kennedy was having a thing with Patricia newcomb at the same time whether it happened or not we weren't in the bedroom but Marilyn came to believe it so in her mind it was so she was livid she was furious because he or she was the most beautiful woman in the world getting the attention we needed or the self worth she needed from her affair with Bobby Kennedy we shall see later the parts that Dr Green and Eunice Murray were to play that night on her bedroom phone Maryland placed her first call of the day it was to Jeanne Carmen her friend Maryland said on the loneliest girl in the World Bobby Kennedy is in San Francisco I'm going to call them all day until you agrees to fly down and see me we've got to have it out once and for all she had been expecting to see Bobby Kennedy that night he was in San Francisco when he was expected to fly in to go to a party at Peter Lawford it's 'cause Maryland wanted fema person she wanted to have that many people at the end of a relationship where one is ending I want you to tell me to my face. The Kennedys have always maintained that Bob Liam Maryland did not meet in person on her last day alive there is evidence that bobby was in Beverly Hills at the time she died but it's not tremendously helpful evidence we know that she was ranting and raving at her house the day that she died about what the Kennedys had the the idea of visit from Arba Kennedy is fifty fifty if he did come whatever he said tar if he was there was part of the reason that she needed to see the psychiatrist for an immediate home visit you would surmise that it would have been something like this we have to stop I like you I want to be here for you I want help you but we have to move on from this if bobby did not come to Brentwood it wasn't for want of trying on her part Maryland would place a total of six urgent calls leaving messages for RFK none of which were returned furious and convinced that he'd never call her she found Peter Lawford at his beach house Marilyn tired of being manipulated by the men in her life had finally decided to wrest control of the situation and she was about to unleash her nuclear option threatening the president and Attorney General of the United States she was planning to hold a conference next Monday and reveal what the we've had done to her you tell him that if he doesn't fly down to see me and talk things over here from me at my press conference Monday morning it'll make headlines around the world although not of the kind that would help Jack's bid for reelection if I don't hear from him no later than six o'clock watch me atv tell bobby tune in you might also call Jack at the White House I know he has a busy schedule but he'll have time to watch me I plan into look dazzling then she put down the phone.

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