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You'll earn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you. By the usda hhs and the ad council free talk live while in the light. There was a being he started to. Are you saying michael accident has come back. I said i am michael jackson. See i called it. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio workman newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. A boat capsized and lives lost. I'm mary corsini fox news. The vessel overturned sunday off the san diego coast during a suspected human smuggling operation. People have the tell me it appears that the boat broke up as it tried to negotiate the rocky shoals near point loma. These pongal drivers. That's this mexican fishing boat. Don't want actually beach their votes on. Us soil and they'll try to drop people off basically in the water and this is not an area like miami beach or even coronado. It's very very rocky. And hey they could've lost power. The waves could of knocked them into it. Unfamiliar area for one of these drivers. So maritime smugly off san diego not uncommon especially these ponder boats which are like a coastal fishing boat. They're open bowel. Outboard motor a little longer than suv. And sometimes they smuggle drugs. Sometimes people william legitimacy and we're learning more about saturday's shooting and a wisconsin casino. That left two people dead and one critically injured. A gunman opened fire in the restaurant of a wisconsin. Casino oneida vice-chair brandon stevens speaking to reporters about the incident in particular in the sensitive. That as it happens in united nations community that we treat our community family and as this happens on reservation. Treat the situation ami they could happen to us. The brown county sheriff told reporters that the shooting at the casino was targeted attack. He said the gunman was most likely trying to kill a specific victim. 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Seventy five dollars sponsor job credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash fox indeed dot com slash fox offer valid through june thirtieth terms and conditions apply well in the aftermath of senator tense. Cancer rebuttal to president. Biden's i address to a joint. Congress people are sharply criticizing the senator for his remarks. A senator spoke to cbs's face. The nation senator tim scott reaffirmed his statement from last week. One continues to face backlash. America's not a racist country. The question is is there a lingering effect after a couple of centuries of racism and discrimination in the station. The answer is absolutely those comments. Initially sparking fallout during scott's gop rebuttal to president vines. I address to congress. Critics blasting the senator calling him delusional aligarh or a clown. You're not only on the wrong side of the aisle senator scott but you're embarrassingly on the wrong side of history as well tweets one. After another to the end. That uncle tim started trending online. Republicans calling that a double standard. Fox's alex hogan reporting meanwhile the puerto rican boxer has turned himself in into federal agents just hours after authorities identified the body of dead woman as his twenty seven year old pregnant lover. The body was found in a lagoon in the us territories capital saturday a couple of days after she was reported. Missing an fbi spokeswoman said the agency is filing charges that will soon be announced plus soccer fans stormed the pitch in england as tensions boil over the american owners of manchester united. Thousands of protesters gathered outside manchester united stadium as the team prepared to play liverpool in the english premier league. The crowd furious with united's american owners. The glazer family. These is some protesters then broke into the stadium and invaded. The pitch games here are currently held without crowds for the corona virus. 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