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Dji a new view coast to coast am gets lots of emails for people's insists liberal because you did that or you had that guest on and then the next day i might have somebody who's a right winger on things differently and then aged accused to be five none of that close all i wanted to his freeing out different seasons that we diesel agreed with all we don't put you get the and the fact that we put them doesn't mean we endorse it at all but that's not what the show with if you offbeat argue with every guest i've ever put on the year i can do that when i'm not going there i decided to make the show information lionel shows you can make of your online when you hear some but i'm not gonna muscle somebody because i don't agree is not going to happen speak crushing join with someone doesn't mean run from nobody learns anything here's stacy cohen with the daily consumer on xm satellite radio well the feds would like to see a little more privacy online federal trade commission says online data brokers said have to show consumers the information they collected about them even hold your breath and wait for the stabbing by that it's not something we recommend should you have turnover your facebook passport is part of a job interview to us senators down think south and they're demanding a justice department investigation into what seems to be common practice these days what's the worst thing you can do if you're at risk for heart ailments well there's a new study it says it may be to eat highfat foods avoiding carbs is pretty popular with is trying to lose weight at the steady signs that eating fatty foods like most meet it can kyw's changes that heightened your risk of heart attack so salo debate kids now don't need to kids they've got fat on until until they grow up and eat that broccoli that's let's get boy i am stacy cohen learn more at consumer things dot com tuesday friends close with this i can't seem to stop talking about september 23rd that ominous day this time we'll talk about planet acts with investigator bob sludge her and then what will happen later on in update on your health fund coast to coast am don't miss we see bar enemies closer coast to coast mm.

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