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For Paul. Of hesitating, I'm hesitant to say this, but I do not want to say better call Gaul. I do not like that. Producer Danny B force dead on me. Force that on me. 85 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. If you want to call the show, ACC media days coming up, 9 quarterbacks are going to be in attendance at ACC media days coming up. I believe it's the 20th ish. I think it's late next week for the ACC always one of the better events. And filled your COVID from Boston college, DJ ooey Angela Lake and to be there for Clemson, Jordan Travis. A guy that I think people need to pay attention to at Florida state as they continue to get better and better over the course of the second half of last season. I think Florida state is going to be a tricky dangerous team this year. Malik Cunningham, of course, at Louisville, who I feel like has been around for the better part of 500 years. For the Cardinals, Tyler Van Dyke might be a first round draft pick in Mario Cristobal's first year at Miami. He's going to be there at ACC media days Garrett Schrader who I think is an underrated player. I don't know if he's going to be ever one of the most consistent and accurate passers, but he is a freak of an athlete, a really good runner of the football. He'll be there for Syracuse. One man offense, Brendan Armstrong last year who I think was accounting for like 400 yards of total offense every game for Virginia. He will be there. Sam Hartman, who accounted for 50 touchdowns last year. And as I believe, also in his 16th year starting for wake forest is going to be there. And I think the most underrated quarterback in the country. Yes, that's right. I think the most underrated quarterback potentially in the country. Is a guy that is going to be on a top 15 team on a team that could compete for a playoff spot and could compete for a conference championship. In the ACC. And I know the fans of this team know exactly who I'm talking about, because I haven't mentioned them yet. How about this? How many guys in college football last year had 35 touchdown passes? 5 interceptions. Through for over 3000 yards, one 9 games, as a starter, how many guys in college football can say that they have Devin Leary's resume? NC state quarterback Devin Leary gonna be there. Dudes dudes of baller y'all. The quarterbacks in the ACC. I think the SEC has got the best quarterback list. That they've had in ten years, since 2013, if you go back to 2013 in the SEC, we talked a little bit about this yesterday. But if you go back to 2013 in the SEC. And you look at the SEC quarterback list, the number of players, the names that were in that in that league. Johnny manziel, Aaron Murray, AJ McCARRON, Connor Shaw, dak Prescott, Nick Marshall, James Franklin, Zach mettenberger, Bo Wallace. That was as good a quarterback season as I can remember in the SEC. Again, remember, Connor Shaw probably the best quarterback in South Carolina history. I mean, Johnny manziel Aaron Murray, like AJ McCARRON, Heisman, these are Heisman type of guys. Aaron Murray probably should have won a national title. Frankly, in 2012. Or would a competed for a national title had he just gotten a guy to go 5 more yards? People forget how close that Georgia team was to win in the whole thing. I wonder if I wonder if Kirby smart would even be there with Mark Rick still be there if they had won that championship in 2012. Point is, you look at the ACC this year. And again, I think the SEC is as good as 2013. I think the ACC has as good as the SEC this year. That quarterback roster, Jacob, Travis, Cunningham, Van Dyke, Leary, Armstrong Hartman. Is Keaton slovis the guy at Pittsburgh. There's some guys that aren't even going to be at media days that could be pretty good. I just think you look at that late that league and you go, this is one of the best collections of quarterbacks in the country. Again, tell me a quarterback. How about this? Cam rising at Utah and Devin Leary at NC state are the two most underrated quarterbacks in America. How about that? I will choose violence on a Wednesday. Convince me that you've got a name that's more undervalued than one of those two guys. Devin Leary, 35 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 9 wins for NC state. How many seasons has NC state won double digit games? One time. One time, if they go ten and two this year, it will be the second time in school history that NC state has won ten games. Kentucky has won ten games twice in the last 5 years. That's how good Devin Leary is. Cam rising same thing if they don't screw up and lose at the beginning of the season because he didn't start by the way for Utah. They might have been in the playoff last year. Instead of Cincinnati, instead of Michigan, although maybe it would have been instead of Georgia, which wouldn't have been right, but whatever. You want to convince me there's a better quarterback? 855-242-7285 convince me. Convince me of that. How about this? Let's take a, let's talk some ACC football in just a few minutes here. All right? David Hale gonna join us. Let's do that in just a minute. 855-242-7285. My name is Braden Gaul.

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