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Up Fillmore Philly dot com. So one o'clock, I guess, it's one o'clock the pre-game or Hello pre-game. Do they do? Arroyo pre Aurora I'm assuming it's a longer pre-game than just an hour. But so. Bring to our watch party. We go crazy. I was already. I was just saying we're we're all eagled up today. I have I don't know how many pieces of eagle gear that I'm wearing. But I when I was picking out my my close today with my kids. I was thinking I need a new sweatshirt. I need a new hoodie. I've worn these things so many damn times. This was the parade hoodie. I wear this in the parade. Yeah. I remember. Yeah. I remember a featured in the in the video and they saw me to. So when they win on Sunday, I'll be showing up to the Brandon grab show in and on Monday new hoodie. Yeah. I gotta wait till they went NFC championship. Dow is that is that you. Yes. Yes. Ben. What about you? When you stop wearing that stupid small pigeon. Zip up. I think I think I'll be wearing a white undershirt and no panties. Gravy on LeBlanc sweatshirt. Yeah. And it wasn't supposed to be delivered to next week and something happened, right? And and deputy took over and he's getting it today. It's going to be delivered today. So he will have it for Sunday love crave. The maybe maybe that's what that's where I go criminal the t-shirt assures iw. With the Super Bowl. And he has a big play. He's gonna go down. It was like one of the greatest figures. Just like the underdog stories. Perfect criven LeBlanc. Yeah. He's a. Vince Palley he'll do a football life on the NFL network about him three for thirty. Call calling crazy bell for weeks ago. Yeah. But you didn't say if he gets the game when it interception. You just say that the team wins. He's the quarterback. Exactly. It's going to be a hero bed. Okay. Fan favorite. Taping by my take it back take it back to the win. Did he make a play amaze me a lot of play? I love the secondary. But a checking her sister station, can we? Yes. What are they talking about six seventy the score? And Chicago love Chicago. Great city to be there. Right. I thought shrimp sauce was the culprit I made crab meat tip on New Year's day. I love crab crab, knuckles that were left over from my Christmas Eve feast with my sons. Yeah. So it wasn't. Later. Not shrimp sauce. Those aren't awesome awesome. I'm okay. I'm cleared. Salvator cleared. Good. All right. At least. I mentioned the bears. It's gotta be a load off your mind. We'll check back with him a little later key. Keep. Keep track of what they're doing. Yeah. I mean, listen they're talking about. I don't know if they're talking about food or whatever that's fine. They kind of sounded like what I thought it was going to sound like. Yeah. I thought they'd be we'd say the guy sounded like Chicago sports talk. Oh, she sounded like half Ditka of that Saturday Night Live thickest skin, eight eight eight seven thousand nine ninety four ninety four John in Myrtle Beach, high Johnny. Hey, I'm supremely confident supremely comp. All right. Why double digit confidence why double digit wins? All right. Let's start with the bears. All right. So first of all we've got number one defense and any narrative coming out of Chicago with any defense, especially if it's coming up there in at number one it's going to be all about defense. It doesn't matter. It's kind of like getting quarterback in Miami. No matter what he does you're gonna compare the marina. So they're just waiting for this day. But this d has the garbage competition all year the murderers row of quarterback that they have shut down to create it. He's turnovers. Is let's see we got Jameis Winston. Sam. Bradford Brock Osweiler Sam darnold. Nathan Peterman, Kirk cousins, ally, Manny and Nick mullets one two three four four those coaches on those teams have been fired this year. Wow. Then you've got when they face Nathan Peterman. They got no shady. So it's one hundred percent go after Nathan Peterman all day long with zero threat of a raw. Now, you got Stafford with a new defensive finding coach and you got Rodgers whose locker room so dysfunctional. They fire his coach you only three legitimate quarterbacks. These guys are killing killing is Brady Wilson golf Brady shredder. Going into the number one ranked rush defense, and we got the again infamous Jamal Williams. Rashad penny. Ronald Jones, Frank gore jeans, white Isaiah Crowell. Kerryon Johnson Delvin cook jealous. These guys you might handcuffing a fantasy league. But nobody's even staying up at night. Sweating these three guys they did. They did shut down and they deserve respect for our saquon girly and David Johnson. It ain't just kind of keep them containing. They kept them like under fifty each one. John good defense. This isn't the purple people eaters. This isn't the five bears defense with let's be real here. Quick john. Let me ask you this. What's the best defense? The eagles went up against in ready. I'm not going. I'm just sticking to this number one defense that we're supposed to be petrified. It's not the John show. I'm just I mean, you just went through a whole thing about the eagles. We got it. So I'm just I'm just playing devil's. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, and I'm just saying based on that. Well, okay, our offense. What defense what number one defense or was the best defense is that we shred Houston offense, Houston that was the best defense. We play. The. Okay. Top five defense. Okay. Yeah. I didn't say what I said was give me the gains. You gave me one out of sixteen games. Yeah. I'm not worried about sixteen game. I'm not worried about sixteen games. I'm worried about the last three games did Nick foles played in. Okay. I'm worried about the last three that we saw to where this became a different team with Nick coming in there. That's what I'm worried about Houston. The Rams give up a lot of points. So I can't see the Rams that was an overly impressive scoring points. Yeah. Yeah. They get sack. They get sacked. So if you're the offensive line you give him credit for for for holding the Rams from get from getting a lot of pressure but the Texans have legit defense. The Redskins game was the Redskins game. You can't the only thing you can do in that game win. And no one's going to give you credit for it. Right. So it's almost it's almost like two of the three games or winning run up and down the field on the rich. You did not know. In fact, it was pretty clear it was close relatively close for for a lot of the game. And it wasn't a true road games. Here's why that's true. I don't I don't understand an eagles fan pick the eagles. Great. But they were talking football today. We're looking at the game today. I'm not Johnny fan. You want me to be Johnny fats me how can be dining fan. I could've stayed home. We don't break down the game. We're gonna break down a game. And so when I look at the bears, and what the eagles have faced the eagles having based a stiff role test where you're playing a good defensive team. And they're building they haven't based tests where you can't hear right? What a communication is different. They didn't face that in LA. They didn't face that in Washington news. So that's going to be different Sunday in Chicago. Where are you jacked up crowd? Where communication is going to be huge getting off the ball. Right. Like that defense the way our defense rose to the occasion and got us to the Super Bowl last year. That's like with the bears are thinking about Sunday. Their defense is thinking about feeding off of that crowd. So I want I need to see how we react in a hostile environment. When things don't go our way, you're right when things don't go. What happens if we get down early in the game? Right. Like, I think they will actually I honestly this is not going to be an easy game. That's what I worry about. I'm I'm predicting literally a Nick foles dried to get a field goal to win the game. This won't be easy. This may be a halfway ugly game, especially in the first half. But their defense is legit. That homefield is jet. I don't I don't like their offense enough to think that our great to think that the bears can run away from the game. I agree. And that's why it's gonna be a game all the way to the, and I believe I believe that too. But I also believe that the bears you can only play who you play the last year people were complaining about the eagles schedule. The eagles got to the Super Bowl planet last the bears finished in last place last year the thirtieth. Strike the schedule after the year thirtieth thirty out of thirty two. So they had an easier schedule but eagles had an easy schedule last to exact easier. They did get Lazaros in nice town was up last. He does that Lazarus czars Lazarus Lazarus. Lazarus. I'm a huge fan of your show. I'm just happy to get the chance to Tokyo onto you. Thank you. Now, I was just want a little insight. So the last three games. I watch Nick foles play. And I've seen he gave Jeffrey to fifty fifty was you know, he let him go down. And he trust them. You know? And I see is is a big connection between Jeffrey and full. Lee opened up and go deeper a little early. You know, we start spreading spreading the offense around early. We could probably we probably we probably would have a good chance at beaten know being the beers. If we just opened up the field, and then we don't have no dangerous dangerous renovate. Of course, we got throws. He is good. But we don't have a dangerous running back where we could setup up, and you know, actually opened up our field. So if we can actually spread out and start taking some shots early. Maybe we got a chance to actually get the bears. Yeah. I think that's gonna be key. Right. I I don't know if the bears are going to respect the eagles running game enough to devote an extra player to the box. So you're gonna have to win on the outside pharmacy. Kogyo bears. Vic Fangio I'm not going to allow Zach urge to beat me. I'm going to try to take away our schon Jeffrey. Nope. Do they take Corey fuller and or cow fuller and lock him up on our John Jeffery alshon? Jeffery receiver is going to run fast run by you speed standpoint. So Corey calling in court cow fuller as a corner that can get up and jam you, right? And and I don't know what the bears defense scheme will be. But I do know that we're going to have to show them that we can beat them with the run game in order for them to respect the run game. Yep. You're right. They're not going to be afraid of Josh Adams and Wendell Smallwood. I honestly, I don't know how much running there's going to be on Sunday. Well, we don't give the ball to Darren sproles enough. See, that's that's the Quadri. You find yourself in. Now, you want to get into a let's throw the ball forty times against this defense. It's forty chances for them. You're asking for I ask him to leave sprawls plays. The majority of the snaps as a running back just to just to help in protection. Nick foles. Yeah. Jason peters. What's he gonna look like out? There gets a match up that maybe doesn't favor him. Maybe they put Khalil Mack over there. They think they can take advantage of Jason peers more than lane Johnson ball's gonna have to stay in their chip. See that's what I worry about. I worry that. If they make one dimensional. Does the allow them to make us one to mention this does not even try to run the ball? Exactly. And see we've seen them do that before of course. And when you're in a playoff game and you're on the road, and it feels like it's getting away from you. You feel like you haven't gotten any type of momentum going especially through the ground game..

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