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Sakano wants me to let you know that is bermuda grass oh i don't even know what that means the grass is bermuda grass thank you so much i was able to convince grass in florida golf courses right address obviously zone the gulf war come on thank you china grass jr they're all y'all hey let's speak in basketball let's face it the sixers were supposed to win this series they had momentum they had the moxie they had the big stars they had vegas but the celtics had consistency and quiet confidence and in the end they had more points when you get twenty five out of jason tatum twenty four at a jalen brown seventeen terry rozier you win games the celtics one games they beat the sixers won fourteen one twelve last night to advance to the eastern conference finals where they will face lebron james and the cavs here's tatum after the game incredible people you know after gordon got hurt and kyri and know smart down entice nobody expected us to the eastern conference finals so just continue to prove people wrong and you know have fun while we're doing it now gordon hayward no kyrie irving young guys not a ton of experience at all how are the celtics able to overcome everything they did to win this series jim is a really talented they got some talented players so we guessed they don't have the two most talented players but they have a talented roster they've caught lightning about with the young players twenty one year old jalen brown twenty year old jason tatum they didn't know if you tell the celtics eightman tell you them going to be a knockdown shooter really scored twenty points seven games in a row and the plo really jalen brown he's going to bell intermediate game he's going to vote a three point shot after being very one dimensional as a first year player they call lightning about they have a great system that the team is installed at their like it can be the next guy up and what i like about brad stevens what he does is when you fill in for another player they appropriate a certain number of shots that go with that position typically.

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