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I actually my my uncle who is no longer with us but is name is Bob Hamilton wrote a song called just like Romeo and Juliet the reflection saying so I feel like I've had a connection to Romeo and Juliet for even before I was born but it's it's one of those stories it's some it's of a romance tale it is a tragedy because the kids end up killing themselves which is in good but if if you're going to have a gateway in the Shakespeare for most people Romeo and Juliet is it because it's so pop culture it's in so many songs and is referenced in different books and in movies and all of that Titus Andronicus yeah I like that one that one is really cool just because it's so bloody if you're a fan of horror and I like Stephen King you know who's obviously a contemporary bard himself and in you like kind of things that scare you Titus Andronicus as it I mean at the end you have a character who loses her tongue you know which is pretty hard core so if you know people often think is Romeo and Juliet which we were just talking about as being the the staple of what Shakespeare is but he was one of the very first horror writers so if you like something really scary and you want to snuggle up you know during your holiday season with a book that some very interesting to read and I would think that one of the king of horror books I'm retired and John against I think it's a good read you don't even have to just see it as a play it's a good read one more symbol line yet Cymbeline Cymbeline it's just the quirky play I like it it's a quite underrated I think a lot of people don't talk about it when they think about Shakespeare's cannon it's mostly make bath hamlet are Romeo and Juliet mid summer night a midsummer night's dream Cymbeline it's just one it's a story about a year I really I think authentic powerful young woman who is deciding to make a life of her own and fall in love with you she wants to and I think that's always a beautiful story to tell yes or let's talk about sonnets sure I don't know any sun it's growing up but I did know a real rainy Stennett was a second placement for the Pittsburgh Pirates for about ten years in the seventies one day Sam against my cubs he went seven for seven only been three men in the history of baseball to get seven hits in the game yeah they beat us that day twenty two an officer on the baseballs okay hi one is a son it's a problem with the problem if they are a you know if if you're someone who doesn't know I am make pentameter which is just the the meter that Shakespeare's written in with the ten syllables are what we call the five the downs the dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb which is the rhythm of the text assignments are great the laboratory for learning kind of the the rhythm of Shakespeare but they're just poems short poems here's our own mark Blackwell not reciting.

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Bob Hamilton, Romeo, Juliet discussed on Living Pain Free

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