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Where's your breakfast spot? Again in Bethlehem Billy's downtown diner Billy's downtown diner. Are you gonna are you going to go and talk to the local this week before the game a chance I could actually this week not gonna lie south by Billy's downtown and talked to tie. I I'm going to let the Nellie hair we high is trading to make damn Nellie. So by the way, I texted, Dan, I should let everyone know this. I text Dan, I was eating at a local establishment a couple of days ago, and solid wife, and I sat very syrup tissue next to the entire Bucknell golf team. How they look they look better than the football team, Dan, which is why I'm going mountain hawks here at. Hall. Yeah. Yeah. Go amount hawks here at home. I'm just remember. I didn't lock up an actual height. That was so me, and I should say actual I didn't lock up an inferior game. Okay to pet patriot league game. But we'll get to that momentarily. Holy cross. Yeah. They're not so holy results. Two and six on the year going to Laffy at who is slowly, but surely climbing upwards three and five Thai do you side with boys in eastern? No, I never do kidding kidding me. With that. All you're such a fraud not up in here, can you? Holy cross. Cross sater's on the road. Disagree. Taking the coal gates. The the leviathan that is the Colgate raiders and is Hamilton New York's finest traveling to Fordham here my area. Are you going to be there? I'm singing the national anthem tie. Okay. It is longtime come. Colgate gates gonna Mark. Colgate is going to as much. They'll have the Rams Rams as much as New York thinks that Dino Baber is a made up name. Right. I am I'm going with the our son's at Colgate. Going Gators here. We're we're forced now to follow Colgate. All throughout the playoffs. Oh, I am. All in by the way, tie. I'm gonna look for it. And maybe we're going to have a related announcement about it 'cause I'm very lazy. So it's still forthcoming, but I just received my, and I don't know if you saw when I tweeted this out a couple of weeks ago, Idaho state the Bengals of Idaho state, polka Tele Idaho zone have the best tiger logo. I've ever seen on any sports level. I have not seen this. I just received it in the mail. It is very soft. It looks like a Japanese baseball team's logo. Okay at this. Beautiful. Isn't that a beautiful tiger? It's it's the order to shirt, and I just have the Tigers doesn't even say Idaho state on the shirt. The Tigers had so. I think we have to go all in maybe get some shirts for for Colgate. As they enter and dispatch everyone on their deep FCS playoff run. All right. Well, there you have it have we consensus on Saturday. So I feel like I offered up more. Yeah. So the choice is yours. You can you can sort through yours and mine to remind you we've got swivel free. We've got sticking moves. So you're owed side swipe snake in the toilet slither in. Wow, that's my contribution while whatever whatever you see fit tie. Because in the end, you're adding this show, and you can make it sound like we gotta come to an agreement here. This is okay, man operation. Okay..

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