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Snow the snow is relentless out here it keeps coming down bill and it's the type of snow that is happy that it's wet and it just won't go away wbal scott wykoff reporting from south of the city how about north i'm wbal school yaacob husky here alongside one forty in westminster where the roadway is slippery and snow covered it has been snowing for a pretty good clip here for quite some time already about six inches of snow on the ground and the city of annapolis is telling us that the department of transportation areas going to stop its transport services of three this afternoon that includes the shuttle from downtown annapolis it takes people who work in downtown annapolis back to navy marine corps stadium so that will be done as of three this afternoon city of frederick meanwhile telling people to wait until the event is over before they start clearing their sidewalks because there warning people if you clear them now the plows are just going to push the snow back onto the sidewalk closings delays continue mount some colleges changing schedules for this afternoon if they didn't already this morning that list dated for your moment by moment at wbal dot com and a late word from austin texas you're the story this morning about the suss in the bombings of the last few weeks blowing himself up as a swat team moved in the police have been going to his house in investigating they're now just in the last few minutes they've told us the police have begun evacuating the area near the home where the bombing suspect lived they were worried they might find something inside that house that would trigger more explosions now perhaps they have because they were evacuating that area in austin texas more from that coming up on abc at the top of the hour wall street right now dow is having a pretty good day suddenly the dow is up one hundred thirty points the snp up eleven the nasdaq up twenty four oil prices up another two percent today back over sixty three dollars a barrel more for coming up at twelve thirty four i'm bill vanco.

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