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And we, it was inevitable that we were going to. Yeah, we were going to take them, and then we subsequently did now I did, I mentioned earlier. I'm I'm worried that we're. Taking our foot off the gas and it's a mistake to now turn around and, and leave the place to without our influence anymore. I'm not saying we have to be fight each surely, not dying there. But we need to keep our influence. They are simply as a matter of self protection, and we've won the war, let's not Unwin another war in Iraq. So is President Trump then justified in his assertion that ISIS as he put it is basically defeated. Yeah. I think so. I think the I think, as I said, both the fact and the idea are destroyed. The only thing you have to say is that nothing's gone forever. Other a few of these fanatics left, we pursued them down to the freight down the frady's valley. I thought we were going to kill them all, apparently we'd didn't. So there are still some there, which is one of the reasons why we need to stay and. These are fanatics. And so they will try again to get people on their side. And if you allow the conditions to be recreated where they can get a few people on their side, and then tyrannize the rest of the people, you'll have old ISIS. Mac again, that's why I would I think we should not leave Syria not leave Iraq. We should stay in the game again not fighting and dying. But assisting and enabling our friends, they're these people are now they, they fought the war. We asked them to fight. They won the war, they couldn't have done it without us. But they won the war. Now, we want him to win the peace and turn our backs on him at this point is, is self self defeating and global terror is one of the five biggest threats you list, and inside the five sided box also on that list Russia, China, Iran North. Korea, I want to try to get to each of these in the time, we have first off Russia. It almost seems like there are too many problems to keep track of Putin is testing us on so many different fronts, whether it's cyber warfare the election Syria aggression in the Arctic Ukraine, and potentially other former Soviet satellite states violating the nuclear-test-ban withdrawing from nuclear treaties with so many balls in the air, where do we focus, our resources with Russia? It. He you're exactly right. He's, he's all over the globe at all over the strategic map, but there is a common denominator to Putin and I say this because I've been in meetings with Ladimir Putin's in nineteen nineteen Ninety-three Putin feels that the Soviet Union's collapse, was a catastrophe for the Russian people, and he's entitled to that view of his sleep. He believes that the United States has made mistakes around the world and he enumerates them toppling, governments in the not knowing what to do. So he makes some reasonable points that I don't necessarily agree with. But you can understand, but here's where Latimer Putin becomes tough to work with he views fourteen the United States, as an aim of his foreign policy in itself. Now, if he wants to talk to me about Syria. Okay. We can talk about Syria. We have different views. Maybe we can build a bridge between his view and my view in some way of, of, of, of reaching common ground. Same thing if we're talking about terrorism. We're talking about North Korea, China, whatever. But if his objective is so to speak, excuse my expression to screw the United States. That's an objective. I can't you, you can't compromise with that Ben build a bridge to that. And that's what makes him so difficult. And that's why you have to push back. We didn't have a war plan for Russia. Because when the Soviet Union ended, we didn't need ours. Soviet in Warsaw Pact war plan anymore. And it looked like they were either on the ropes permanently or we're gonna kind of turn into a democracy, or at least. Some sort of friend. And that's what everybody hoped. But when I was secretary defense, I said, it's, it's time we have were plan for Russia. Get them said to say that a but we need one in NATO needs one that's when we began to put the, the additional.

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