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He was southbound free agency to come over and be that athletic fullback. He opted out never played. I think he retired I think he might have retired this offseason I think that. Yeah and that's so that leaves you with Jakob Johnson who we all love, who know, you know, we all know, he hits the whole heart and blows people up and I love I love the guy and I think there's a value that I think that the Patriots always like that but Considering where they are this year with Titans. You still have Devin asiasi, you might have Matt lacosse for how long. When when it comes to configuring a roster. Can you just call this Dalton Keen? Still have a place on this roster? I entered when they drafted him. He did. But has the has the math changed because of what they want to do at fullback and I think it's a liquid, your question. And, you know, so the Troy Brown, they're crazy world of Troy Brown. My my question and commentary about that. Wasn't about dog. I think he has the potential to be good player. I also like this College film. I think that he has a chance to be sort of like a modern-day crash. Jim Jensen, who was one of my favorite dolphins, growing up dead but my question was more about have the have the Patriots out of necessity? Change the, the direction of their offense and does Dalton Keen still fit into that. And I think it's, I think it's a legit question. And I think it's going to be a question that goes on all the way through training came down to Final Cut Downs, where the Patriots say, they look at the math and they're just like, all right, well how many wide receivers are we taking more importantly, how many tight ends slash full box? Are we taking? I mean, if if you're going Johnny Smith, founder Henry and say, Devin asiasi because I think what we saw in the off-season practices LED you to believe, okay, there might be something there. So those three Place Johnson that's for Dalton Keene is going to be a v, like really does he do enough, is he going to do enough? Is he going to be good enough to get on the field in that Kyle, you check roll this year back to earn a roster spot. I just have a lot of questions about that. So I thought it was a legitimate question. I'm not saying I had the answers, but I think I think his roster spot is definitely up for grabs wage on. What happens with injuries direction of the offense, once we get the camp. Yeah, I wouldn't call him a big Adelman but I like, I like him. You like him. This Podcast Thursday, we are both fans of Dalton Keen. We think he can fit as an h-back, if the patriots feel like they have a spot for him, I think he could add to this team. But as you said, it's a numbers game. And when you bring in the title, wage brought in the receivers, they brought in, it gets a little tougher to make the team. That's just kind of the nature of the game. I hope they hold onto him, I hope they find a way because as the crazy world of Troy birth, John pointed out.

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