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Hi bill Bennett welcome back to wise guys we have gathered the very smart people here to your discussion we're going to operate inside the beltway today to talk about politics we'll talk about it capital letters small letters to hot where we going now where's the country going where elections going where the politics going joining us Solomon Weisberg partner Nelson Mullins former deputy independent counsel our next guest is mark Penn state will group president former bill and Hillary Clinton chief presidential campaign strategist Charles hurt Charlie heard as I know Washington times opinion editor of the fox news contributor in Gordon Chang author of the coming collapse of China author of losing South Korea gentleman thank you very much corn when we start with you as we did the last the last time we talk about politics but we were talking some about to China and Hong Kong politics of trade first tells about that the will give a like drop politics no everyone says oh you know president trump needs a trade agreement with China in order to win the election reelection November twenty twenty I actually think that he doesn't need a trade agreement specially now because we know that the Chinese will violate any trade agreement so he comes to a trade deal with China they violated what happens he gets blamed for that so it then becomes on his watch if he holds firm you know people are going to stand with them you know we have seen across the political spectrum Charlie Schumer you know and Nancy Pelosi have stood behind him on trade as have other Democrats so I think that she can just sort of stand there and and not give in to a bad trade you we've had decades of failed trade agreements with China so why do we think that the remedy for that bad history is another train deal of course it's not our our remedy is to impose costs on China so they stop stealing our intellectual property so they stop file. in their trade agreements with us if if we can do that we can have a good trade relationship but unfortunately see Jim thing the Chinese ruler is in no mood to deal with foreigners fairly and certainly he's going to give us a hard time so I remember the president's promises I mean this wasn't it I didn't have the status of the immigration problem us real which stop build the wall but he did say we will crackdown on China we will respond to try to they've been ripping us off and that will end right he did say that and he's followed through on that right on to his credit that promises been kept well is being. read the terrace that we talk about our imposed under section three or one of the trade act of nineteen seventy four and they're not to balance trade what they are is a remedy for the theft of US intellectual property and the Chinese depending on where you stand on this are stealing somewhere between a hundred and fifty and six hundred billion dollars each year of U. S. IP street this is just completely unacceptable this is a grievous wounds of the American economy which is increasingly innovation based if we cannot commercialize our innovation we don't have an economy in the future it's great to sell soybeans so the Chinese but it's more important that we sell high tech products because as you know you've mentioned on many occasions this is really the future of America we come in this poorly I I definitely I definitely think there's been a real I meant.

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