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Dangerous police pursuit ends with a crash. That's right. NBC four is Beverly white is live near the scene of that crash in liberty park. Beverly? That's right, Michael, we're at fifty four th Crenshaw to be exact whereas you can see behind us the BMW in which LAPD tells us to men with the weapon, we're traveling and they were involved in a high speed chase a short duration, and after they spotted them they say the men in the car tossed a gun, and then they slammed into these two vehicles. You're looking at right now, the white Hyundai and the silver Honda. That's the silver Ford fusion with these were innocent victims of this pursuit involving the police and two suspects who we understand surrendered right after the impact that people inside the innocent cars I've spoken to both of the drivers. They are accounted for safe healthy shocked to start new year this way, but alive and not requiring further treatment there on scene right now being talked to by the investigators. So we are looking at the intersection that has yet to be clear tow. Trucks standing by again a high speed chase. Within the last hour or so that terminated right here at fifty four and Crenshaw in Lamar park community the beamer in which the suspects were traveling is the most badly damaged. It's the black car right here behind us. This seems to be active for a while. If you have to come through Crenshaw fifty fifty four you may want you try another approach as this intersection is locked down as the investigation continues. Reporting live in Lamar park Beverly white back to you in the studio art, Beverly thank you for that time is running out. If you want take your shot, it's an is four hundred and twenty five million dollars. Mega millions jackpot the deadline to buy tickets is seven forty five embassy for set Chen live at Hawthorn sometimes lucky Luke Burt liquor tickets are going fast. People go and cash registers are still buzzing. It's been like this all day. Just a steady stream of customers doesn't matter and they're rubbing the Bluebird as well as you can see right hook repair. And it doesn't matter that the odds are so big more than three hundred million to one to actually win this mega millions jackpot. Doesn't matter. People still feel lucky and they know exactly what they would do if they want. Family family. Share with our family. These two sisters show. The lottery is often a family affair. We saw plenty of couples buy their tickets and talking about how they would share their money with loved ones if they donate to the church..

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