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Like I think I remember thinking to myself. Cautious coats really big on him because it was like flopping when he was moving an armed like that and then when we got back to the car he only in really we he he was sitting next to me and I vividly remember this because I thought it was so weird. pull he had. He was complaining on how cold he was. And I only only have two small shirts on any pulled up the one the outer ones and he listed and it was like a long John on their nature and it wasn't wet at all at all and he had a code anymore. But Ho gone and I am here saying that this is really important. This coat was big big on him. Like you know it seem like the wrong size. It was definitely bigger over. Yeah so then But then it goes back to memory and it's like catered. We Really Sinoe Koga. But he wasn't in a t shirt and he was. Yeah Yeah or Jack this is. This is interesting though Well first off because Geoffrey a pretty big guy MM Six Lloyd to forty Anthony I've never asked what How tall and would you say is his way? He was definitely lean average height. Maybe I wouldn't say he was like tall tall. Five eight nine ten a I five five eight or nine sixteen. Maybe we'll like he was the one man so that coat. Yeah it was jeffries definitely would have looked bigger and then I'm just again. This is just speculation that since it's really making me think and then these coming out of the woods really wasn't out there as long as he says making this whole hyperthermic thermic thing going. But he's coming down because he's drinking a beer but of course he's not gonna WanNa be seeing that jacket because because he's going to be asked. Why are you wearing Jeffrey Jacket? If it's Jaffrey jacket again this is all but I haven't heard that before for Until you said that that wasn't in any of the information so yeah it helps a lot And it could mean something could could be nothing. Yeah but Yeah definitely strange All right so back to the the call or anything else that the detectives over with you guys or assing all she can remember Not Awesome I can remember it was very Like wasn't very long. Just like an official like they have have to make the call kind of thing to get it over with. Is that what it felt like. I mean he was he. I don't know he asked question. And then I mean I worry just the part when I was saying that we felt like he was on. You could have been there saying though. He's brushing it off. Yeah Yeah Yeah. They did not treat the family. Well at all All the questions in any time they tried to get any information they completely brush them off. If you're really really bad about that when you hear that sometimes I mean we all love every bond for us to be on ninety nine percent. You know. They're there for US but in every once in a while you know and maybe it's just a small don't force there Yeah like the Mouth Angel Police are would resist from Rose even dogs roads. Clint probably like the burden is probably Roseburg. That would make sense so the way smell. I can maybe even listen to it. Let's see here. I don't that's okay if people ended it though PAT. Pass it on to me if you can figure out a way to Like an MP three be be interested to hear that definitely What they were asking so and that yeah that gets in the nuts? It basically Ben Later it's just picking up news tidbits that you heard. Where did you hear news for you in California? Were when you say on the coast where the Oregon coast. We're here in on the Oregon Coast got got it. I don't know I was thinking California. The Oregon coast great from being in Florida audience thinking Okay yes eatable there. Air To where you guys are are beautiful. We mainly what what brought you guys out there. What what was about the hot springs or anything I don't mean to pry? I'm just interested no and we're actually going for for Valentine's Day. That was our our cool. Yeah and the springs are that cool. I sounds like you spent most of the day. There must have been very cool. They are absolutely beautiful. If you ever get to Oregon I would hide was the degree like what the water like. There's like there's like different pools and they each go from unlike eighty five. Oh honored put depend on which all the different. Yeah well it just goes from the top spring Eland goes down so like autumn cool. Yeah it'd be cooler got it got it. That makes sense. Yeah that does sound beautiful. All right ladies I really appreciate it. the helps had a lot more than you could ever no. No you guys were asking like water. Not How much we didn't help Actually helps a lot because it fills in You know a time. Line there That's so important. Oh and let's get that straight so on Monday just approximately when you saw him the first time you remember about what time that was because we haven't been there just to get roughly awfully ten thirty. Am Yeah I would say probably. Yeah roughly ten and ten ten thirty okay and then the second time. Roughly how Oh it was the longtime actually Reich. We were talking about that because I can see when he message that person on space coca and just a wandering around out there what are you doing yeah and but that was the other all league. Stalling stalling galling people at Auburn in for help him and Ed right any and he denied it didn't want l.. Yeah I I don't understand how this hasn't been the open yet. I really don't think it just needs to get to the right people again. Like I said with all the additional evidence or finding which is crazy. come out in the next episode After people here this one that that you guys will be on Yeah Yeah it's GonNa everything be really super super surprised if all the additional information all the the character the different people that were involved because for Jaffrey I mean from Kansas. Yeah married Haley. His cousin strange wife really Tax Doc she agreed to an interview but then said yes the no the no than yes but I hear that's normal behavior for her And then she gets completely clearly disappeared and of course I can get any of the other. People are all either relatives or friends so again that suspicion. It's just make make things her her her facebook. I wonder could. It's not correct yeah stations. She has to Accounts under for Haley van. What's weird about it? I can't I don't know her maiden name but she just changed. It took Advan when he went missing the grieving wife. changed to Haley Vans. But the other two accounts So I heard I think I found the second one but the first one I have. Okay Yeah I'm not sure it was probably we're on at least two or three the afternoon when we that's a long time to be apt seeing all these people with him being up. They're missing. None of this makes any sense at all All the websites you look at all the news you look at all the comments and every single person to a T. say suspicious what lead Sir very famous. It's a blog site that does stuff like this and they got a lot of Retired detectives this corners and all kinds of stuff. And they all say. There's something wrong here. What that is? I don't know you know again pointing any fingers but but there's just something not right. Okay anything else you you guys can think of would be important. I don't think so not right now. Okay why really appreciate it If you do think of something thing please reach out to me. We're going to be putting all this together so still be at least a few more days before before anything goes live minimally. So do you think of anything at all that now That that might help even at the smallest thing because you never know you really don't You know what can you put together a puzzle. This is weird one weird one. Yeah we put together the application in the our application for missing people and I was thinking of doing something like yet to see guys now and I'd already been podcasting But doing nothing like this but I wanted to get into doing cold cases of missing persons but not like true crime. Because there's so many of those. I don't know if you guys ever listen to podcasts. At all but true crime is so big and to me I feel like the most not all of them. Some of them are good but most of them are taking advantage. If you get my drift of con- like other peoples came and they don't give out any information like at the end like like you know if you have any info call you know this law enforcement officer and it's very sad I I don't know why they can at least do that so anyway. That's what we're really. We focused on specifically and the applications and real time of the trial you have Elderly parent has dementia Alzheimer's begin immediately. Upload them to the real time and then we can be talking to the family like this As fast as possible and Because the the police twenty four hour or forty eight hours depending on the state before I can even right Discussed Life the person being messing and then a lot of times. They just Kinda also like in this case but rightfully so. If it's the big city they get so many runaways. That can't even handle it so they don't really take it seriously unless there's a ton of evidence like a child's been abducted specifically tweet than they might get on it but if not it's even tough to get them to do anything so this is like really the best choice for people You know as a tool to get way way ahead of the game Within an hour and this is the worst stat. I've ever heard it. You don't get to a trial abducted ninety six percent of the time we're going to be found deceased. So that's why that first hour is just.

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