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Have one from my cookbook that I could use and then I can I look at the article and yeah it's Tom Douglas and Thomas Keller and suddenly someone else Alice waters so someone living legend name thank you yeah it's a company with such as my move my jaw dropped is that it's just the three of us yeah you know me Thomas Keller house one so perfect three oh by the way super fun we talk about so we talked about hash we talked about potato pancakes what about the desserts that are left over because frankly for me if I don't give away to the people that left the house is there in the garbage for me I'm so sick of them by that yeah yeah well you should talk to my wife because that's not happening in the morning she likes the pumpkin pie and the become buys you know morning over and then like I said earlier I was a only for cities on the show but I am every year my duties to make enough or tossed some occur frangipani can of apple toft and they just say frangipani what friendship ideas in the pan is making me why because I it's not just friends and so on French of you well it's a yes it is that I just invented a wood by the way that's not really a world but it's a half pastry cream and have friendship and that's why I called and he okay so it's not just one thing and then I put all my aunts apple right on top and then usually I try to be to do like some kind of a money excel they member mentioned I like on my neck which is produce not Calvados but it's I love my on my neck so I like to serve a little shot of Armagnac fifteen year old old at least like some pay you know something like that and served on the side as you eating you up or tough I'm gonna remind you later some special date that you said among the lazy and France Japan and up next remember girls going to join us he's going to talk about his new Roman style pizzeria down there on.

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