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Wolves out of the zone? Time odds down the penalty covert about to come out of the box, a final rusher Hanson across danton Heinen right circle. Pulls up penalty is up item top of the right circle. Right. Quarter, Markus Johannesson. It's a two game of the second. Joe Hansen centers shot point blank hind. It save pests qualley seen a lot of action here in the second. But I was a great day for sure a quality made the stop puck out at center ice. Lee. Dumps it back in covert missing a pass for plot. Go for an icing four fifty two left in the second. So the stamkos shorthanded goal his forty fifth goal of the year in ninety eight point of the year. Get in this game tied at two while little bit of a break down there. Defensively. The lightning have three defensemen on the ice. You have Rueda chair Nak and then breeding Coburn coming out of the box trying to find out where he should be position wise. But a really smart heads up play there. From Hainan to sneaking in back door on Coburn. Who's watching the puck, and he gets a point blank chance on Eddie. Fisk Wally Tyler Johnson wins the defensive zone face off Cobra and couldn't clear held entrenched. Frederick left circle rhetoric is Ken by Rueda. Yon Rueda makes the place where Cherniak and he chip it for Johnson and now yes Johnson Polat type their Lozado slowed. Applaud Johnson follows up and rattles it in four navigates left in the second period to score Bruins headed to nothing lead. After one. Bleed is checked in the neutral zone by Chernick? No, call was on did drill it down the ice. No isaac. Ryan. Mcdonagh right side featured act to center punches process could set a Polat and it's prank back into the lane again by McEvoy. Here's Ryan mcdonagh. Drifting in front of the lightning net. Riling Cherniak little CU drop.

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