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Day to you. Go to boy's birthday. Jack thank you. Don't say happy birthday dude. Burt thank you thanks. Her three fifty three there are three games. Starting at four o'clock basically. Yeah you wanna roll through those real quick. Let's go detroit at baltimore matt manning. An john means that won't be still on his streak to in order to anything that i'd say about baseball dulles because i have checked out on the sport scott college football on deck is fine so i don't have to touch it because i stink college. Football matt. Manning and john means what are we talking about a pretty good idea where going here. Yeah mean john means take it to the bank one. No i mean i didn't. It was not in the message. I got from you but i'll gladly put you down for now stay away. The ticker is not working so diggers not working we ball. We'll get that thing up and running whenever we can just come on a four. Maybe not so you go mean coming. Yeah i five. Orioles matt stinks on the road. You got a drew. Rassmussen versus tanner tampa bay in boston saux. I should've taken the socks last night. I went jackson calls in and says you take you soft. Yeah i think let's ride. Let's ride tanner here is basically a bullpen day for the race. Tanner's been very good usually three or four but he is lights out two point four. Six sierra. I'll take the red sox. I five money long. And then the last one that starting at four ten fulltime navy to really good pitcher versus marco gonzales marco. Gonzales has turned his season around last five twenty nine innings pitched eight earned faulty last two eleven innings three earned. Tell you one thing you'll like. The mariners writers as a large favorite. The last two nights i found out is not a good move i would love to take the mariners again but i will wait until we get them at a. I can't you can't be bet than the mariners first half result at at what. I've been betting at so. I'll sit this one out and see how it plays. Okay so you got me. John means yeah bosox. Are those first five moneyline. Yeah glass you picked up and then laying off a full team. Marco got to see how this one plays. I got nothing on those games. Nothing nothing fucking gonna roll through these other fucking ones cincy atalanta vladimir gutierrez versus. Kyle muller or you got. i don't love it but i'm taking vladi. Plus a half. Give me his numbers. Yeah i mean last. Three nineteen a third four earned muller last time out for two thirds three earned. He hasn't started that much so he does have a two point. Eight but vladi seven and three. So i'm gonna take the reds plus a half here tone. I do not love it. But i could not pass it up muller. Actually his first bad start was last time because before that he went five gave up on when five zero with four gave up one three before that five zero four and one because of both of these guys recent good betting trends donny's Taking the under five and a half in this one there you go five and a half under five and a half modest one fourteen. I liked that so i'ma jump on that one right there What else do we. What's next here. let me see. It's the children of the corn game. This heaven is this heaven now so new york chicago haney versus lynn was listening to a show morning turns out the humidity. Tonight's going to be like ninety percent. Apparently the corn and iowa puts off humidity into the air ball supposed to be flying ten to twelve percent farther. Just something to think about here of the thing about here. haney stinks. yeah. I saw the white sox i five miles one sixty when i say morning i mean what are we talking about here. Haney is he's got to out with the yankees he's got ten innings pitched eight earned lance. Lynn lasts seven thirty. Nine innings pitched eight. Or and i got to take the white sox i five to my only worry. Is that the yankees. Bats have actually been pretty good. As of late white socks. They went on that run of of not losing the lefties and the last three or four weeks during the bottom. Ten each week against lefties. That's the only thing that worried me. But i am also on the white sox with you. I took first half result minus one. Twenty five here there you go. That's gonna be a beautiful game. Yeah can't wait. i'm excited. The boys are coming out of the corn. Yeah there's a coroner. Mace it's going to be non white sox jerseys very very good jose barrios versus shohei otani. Now i could be here. Burials has been unbelievable since he's his starts with the jays or whatever twelve and thirteen ks. One earned-run otani. He's been very very good. Yeah i don't like it. I don't love it i'm taking the under four and a half modest one. Twenty eight took the jase. I five money line. I don't love it. I wasn't a big fan of barrios when the trade. But he has been good jay's baths or just their mashing right now they did last night so ride them until they And then you darvish versus taylor looking to do that. And not realize how bad he's been house of berry inconsistent very very inconsistent and. It's not like widener. I'm going to stay. I'm not touching this one last game tonight her mom marquette versus logan web web. I like what he's been doing as of late. Last four twenty three innings pitched six earned. You lay is one of six. I don't hate that. So i took money line. You did. yeah. But i would i would. I would take first half result. I would layup marquez. One start against san fran this year two thirds of an inning. Eight earned runs so right now. If you go money line first half its modest. One seventy yeah. I'll i laid the half. Because in this case laying the half mice one oh six first-half result mice one fifteen. So gotta look at those whatever. Whatever you look i look whatever whatever you whatever you feel most comfortable with their stats mindshare tonight under five and a half reds and braves the white sox first-half result under four and a half days in angels in giants minus a half. I five you have all. I five orioles money line. Red sox money line reds plus a half white sox money line. Blue jays money line giants. Money la okay. Fucking come did baseball or go there before in the game started four ten for everybody there you go there you fucking normally would have the pick down here but tickers not work. There you go four o'clock you got time there you go there you go there you go all also after. We talked to preseason games tonight..

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