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That's four one four seven nine nine one six twenty you could call or tax you can also always tweet at me at map holly radio marks in sheboygan mark you're wtmj higher thanks for taking my call now i been collier who are quite a bit if sharon probably wanted a better culinary funeral on thai now announced are wondering why do i haven't done anything on what uh why ryan grand prix issue i mean daily from kitchen now nicole on what to do uh you know i don't know what they're waiting according to get or no repairs and get rid of ryan hold on hold on our coal on mark mark mark mark mark hold on who were they to give me the team that they trade him to i don't know if you happy clear management thin and when i mean okay so martin electric problem there okay uh there's multiple problems and i'm a he's get he has four eight he can t can deny any trade he wants at this point he has full no tradeprotection so the only teams that he would even accept a trade to our west coast teams the dodgers were team though at one point was interested the dodgers don't need an outfielder right now the giants aren't playing good enough to to go acquire room you also need to have a team that's got the financial flexibility a twenty milliondollar salary in the middle of the year mark there is not a single team in major league baseball right now that can really too that have a need an can take brand there's just there is not an imminent trade for him whether you're so much money being tied have put him kuna that money through new in your car knew that the only way he wants are going away goal if you want to leave the good i mean i do know that are that's pretty shattering you're a lot of money being tied to hold on mark that's our veterans so mark.

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