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All right now. It is sixty eight degrees in Danbury. Yes. Some fog reported on Long Island in Farmingdale right now, we're at sixty seven but later on today getting up to about seventy six degrees with some sunshine here and there in the sky, the CBS news time is four zero three. The New York primaries on WCBS governor Cuomo one last night just heard at the top of the hour is democratic primary bid for reelection. Now takes him onto November after beating actress Cynthia Nixon by sixty five to thirty four percent margin, though. Andrew Cuomo scored an impressive victory. Indeed. He did not take the opportunity to celebrate and a microphone instead others spoke for him, including democratic state vice chair, Chris Quinn who noted one message sent by the primary result was this one. We know in New York that diversity is our greatest strength to re elect a woman governor and to elect the first woman, I African American attorney general sends a loud message across this country that the kind of ill will and tearing apart that Donald Trump pedals not here in New York. Not now not ever she called the success of the Cuomo hokey James slate, a trifecta. Sending a message that New Yorkers wanted. Progressive leadership that delivered results on east thirty third street, rich lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eight while in Brooklyn last night. The result was already well known. When Cynthia Nixon took the stage here at a hookah lounge in east flatbush, but the crowd was enthusiastic. Nonetheless. On one of the most powerful governors in America. And it wasn't easy mixing says a lot of people underestimated her but Cuomo did not as evidenced by the money. He spent Nixon's running mate city council member Jimani Williams ran a competitive race with Lieutenant governor Kathy HOGAN, but also came up short not just a moment. It is a movement. And this movement is only growing strong the loudest. Cheers of the night were reserved for other insurgent progressive candidates that knocked off incumbent Democrats, many those incumbents former members of the independent democratic conference that caucus with Republicans in the Senate victories tonight have shown that the Blue Wave is real. Not only coming for Republicans is coming for Democrats who act like them. East flatbush, Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty New York City's public advocate Letitia James now onto face Republican New York City lawyer Keith walford in November after winning last night's democratic primary for state attorney general. Change about. I'm still just a girl from Brooklyn. With the support of governor Cuomo in the democratic has tablets James cruise to victory. She finished ten points ahead of set for teach out if elected in November James looks forward to being the people's lawyer. This campaign was really never about me. Or any of the candidates who ran? It was about the people. But most importantly, it was about that man in the White House. Your cage is a high profile position for battling the president. And for more routine. Justice issues, we need an attorney general liberal go after corruption. In Albany, end on Wall Street, an attorney general who will fight environmental pollution from buffalo to Brentwood, Sean, Patrick Maloney will hold onto his job in congress and lease. He will stay in the private sector peter-hans, skull, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty the times of London posted a report last night that former mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting ready for twenty twenty presidential run as a democrat. The British paper quotes a source as saying the seventy six year old told him he's running and as the money to keep pushing while other candidates knock themselves out, Bloomberg New York City mayor for three terms between two thousand two and two thousand thirteen running twice as a Republican. And as an independent in that third go round..

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