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From New York. This is democracy now equipped problem and as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting. The answer is yes. We followed the the president's orders. Those are the words of US ambassador. Gordon sunland Wednesday as he told lawmakers he helped pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate trump's trump's political rival Joe Biden and his son hunter. We'll hear part of Sunland testimony and speak to Democratic presidential candidate who Leon Castro about impeachment men and last night's democratic debate in Atlanta the first Castro was excluded from the debate former vice president. Joe Biden repeatedly stumbled black mounts for me because they know me. They know who I am. Three former chairs the black caucus the only black African American woman has ever been elected to the United States Senate. A whole range of people now are the couplers. Senator Accountable Harris laughed after Biden. Apparently forgot got a US. Senator we'll hear excerpts from the debate and speak to a round table guests for shot Robinson of Color Change Ryan Grim of the intercept. Phyllis Bennis the Institute for Policy Studies and economist. Gabriel Duckman all that and more coming up welcome to democracy now democracy now dot Org the Warren Peace Report. I'm Amy Goodman. US ambassador. Gordon Sunland told the house impeachment inquiry Wednesday president trump directly directly pressured Ukrainian government to announce an investigation into his rival Joe Biden and son Hunter and that other senior administration officials were quote in the loop during during explosive testimony on the fifth day of public impeachment hearings. Ambassador Sunland said Vice President Mike Pence and secretary of state. Mike Pompeo were part of the effort to force Ukraine into helping trump's reelection bid sunlen testified the officials new president trump condition the release of nearly four hundred million dollars in US military military aid and the No vote office meeting with Ukrainian president. On a statement about the Biden's I know that members of this committee frequently frequently frame. These complicated issues in the form of a simple question was there a quid pro quo as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting. The answer is yes Wednesdays. Impeachment hearings overshadowed the latest debate by candidate the dates for the two thousand twenty Democratic presidential nomination Wednesday evening ten leading candidates squared off in Atlanta Georgia discussing race. Women's rights healthcare foreign policy and climate climate change after headlines speak with Democratic presidential candidate holy on Castro about the impeachment hearings and last night's debate. We're front runner. Joe Biden repeatedly stumbled and Leeann. Castro was excluded and southern Mexico. Police and National Guard troops freed sixty two migrants Wednesday who are struggling to breathe as they attempted to break out of a locked truck. Most of the migrants were from Guatemala. They were detained and taken to local immigration jail. Police arrested the truck driver and passenger in Tucson Arizona a federal jury found humanitarian activist. Scott Warren Not guilty Wednesday on two felony charges of harboring migrants after he provided food water and shelter to a pair of men who survived a perilous journey across the Sonoran Desert Warren who's a member of the Humanitarian Attorney Group. No more deaths face up to ten years in prison at his second trial after a first trial ended in a hung jury in June Warren which charged after he gave aid to twenty the three year. Old Christiane Peres Villanova and L. saw from El Salvador and twenty year old Psychedelia today of Honduras. Scott Warren spoke outside the federal courthouse moments after his acquittal into migrants. Like who saying Dion who are truly the wind at the center of this story who must make impossible possible decisions. Many of us cannot even imagine who bear the brunt of this suffering. Our hearts are with you as we stand here. Your People's Brothers Sisters Fathers Spouses and children are in the midst of the perilous desert crossing the need for humanitarian aid continues and unfortunately the damage to land in life and the mortar region not only continues but has been ramped up way up since my arrest us to see democracy now interview with Scott Warren during our trip to the scenario in desert this summer you can go to democracy now dot org. Meanwhile a federal judge in Tucson sentenced former Morona Border Patrol Agent Matthew Bowen Wednesday to three years of supervised release an eight thousand dollar fine for intentionally running over over a Guatemalan migrant with a pickup truck in two thousand seventeen then falsifying records about the assault. The man he struck Antolin Rolando Lopez Aggie Aggie Large Survived Court Filing Show Bowen had sent a slew of racist text messages on his phone referring to immigrants as mindless murdering savage's and beaner among other insults in Syria. At least twenty two civilians were killed Wednesday as government forces backed by Russia bombed and shelled parts of. Leave the last rebel control province in Syria. The aid group known as the white helmet set a missile loaded with clusterbombs struck camp for internally displaced people among those censured were medical workers maternity hospital meanwhile Israel launched fresh airstrikes overnight on the outskirts of serious capital. Damascus Syrian state media says two civilians were killed in the bombings which were aimed at Syrian military targets. As well as buildings used to house members of Iran's puts force the attacks have bolstered all stirred fears of sparking an all out conflict between Iran and Israel. Israel's former army chief Bennigan's said Wednesday. He's failed in his attempts to form a coalition and government setting up a likely third national election in less than a year. Now the prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party in Kansas Blue and white party won enough votes in September to claim an outright majority after an election in April also yielded no clear winner at the United Nations. The United States alone Wednesday as fourteen eighteen other members of the Security Council rebuke the trump administration's announcement it no longer considers Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank illegal under International Channel Law. This is Karen Pierce United Kingdom's ambassador to the United Nations. I'm making this statement today. On behalf of Belgium France and Germany Poland and of course United Kingdom opposition on Israeli settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian coachee including including east Jerusalem is clear remains unchanged all settlement activity is illegal under international law and did she roads viability of the two state solution and the prospects for a lasting peace has reaffirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 2334. The United Nations is this warning global fossil fuel production on track to rapidly increase global temperatures spy more than two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels leading the planet climate catastrophe Castrophe in a new report. The U N Environment Programme found nations are planning to burn fifty percent more coal oil and gas by twenty thirty than what would be needed to keep global global temperature rise below the two degree benchmark. It's more than double. The carbon budget needed to keep global temperature rise below one point five degrees Celsius in Sydney. The Australian health officials are warning young and elderly residents and people with respiratory illness to stay indoors and avoid exercise as a thick blanket of smoke from unprecedented wildfires. Settles over the city of five million people. The out of control. Fires have raged for weeks as much of the continent is baked by a searing heat. Wave with the city of Melbourne Wednesday matching a November temperature record highs in parts of New South Wales have topped one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit this week. More fires are raging in Victoria and Queensland Means Lands States North Dakota's Department of Environmental Quality admitted Wednesday. The amount of land fouled by an oil spill from the keystone pipeline. Last last month is nearly ten times greater than initially reported the company operating keystone. TC Energy Corp formerly known as Transcanada says over three three hundred eighty thousand gallons of crude oil spilled in a rural wetland after the pipeline ruptured. October twenty ninth. TC Energy is seeking approval to restart the oil flow through the pipeline. As early as Sunday in Haiti hundreds of protesters took to the streets of port-au-prince Wednesday in the latest demonstration. To call for the ouster. The precedent Giovanelli. MOE's not people suffering longer. We live in a place where there are no roads no water no hospitals. There's nothing everything's. The thing is blocked in this country. Were saying this is possible. That's why we're in the street. We're going to stay in the streets every day. More than forty people have been killed. In two months of the anti-government protests in in Haiti in Britain Prince Andrew said Wednesday. He'll withdraw from public duties amidst mounting public anger over his longtime friendship with the deceased serial. Sexual Predator Senator Jeffrey Epstein in a BBC interview that aired Sunday Prince Andrew denied accusations by Virginia. Roberts Jufri who says she was sexually trafficked picked by Epstein and forced to have sex with prince when she was seventeen years old. A photo released by Chew Free Shows. Prince Andrew Standing beside her with this hand around her bare stomach with epsteins.

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