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Smelter dead body. I mean I've smoked. Animal dead bodies. Yeah carcass gross us at the same. Though the. I'm sure there are similar very similar right. I mean dead bodies in and I see bodies dead body out about about it may or may not have experienced us down onto nostrils Fifth PLEADS PF. T actually said that. I'm out of jail after all this so murder. Well I agree. You're accused murder. Third degree all right. My last one will be kinda similar to tease but coffee breath when someone has coffee breath and they won't like you don't know the one person who just has coffee breath and gets way too close and they're usually just a one person your office that is will never be aware of the fact. They have terrible breath but that stale old coffee. Breath is gross. All right my last one is going to be kind of controversial. Kids are typically very smelly. Things I don't know if it's one of those things where your own kid smells better than somebody else's kid yeah I. I don't think can often Sierra kids. That's where the dead bodies of their smelling kids own kids having kids. Definitely you have a smell to them. I honestly don't in the last time. I've been the affinity of a kid. I used to work at a daycare situation. So maybe that's where I got it all from. Yeah I mean like poopie diapers smell but kids. I don't know I mean my my kid smells may shits himself and he doesn't like four times a day like father like son. I think there's a difference also between babies infants in kids. Yeah probably babies smell good right some kids. Yeah baby smell good. I guess it's kind of one of those. I think kids are are very similar to like adults where there will just be kids. That don't have good hygiene. Yeah true what was your last one. My last one is the poison gas in warzone in game as the Circle Closes. There's poison gas. Where if you're not inside the circle it kills you. And there's been two times pastor nights where like instead of getting killed. I just die because I got poison gas. And it's just embarrassing and it's tough to deal with. That's a bad one. That's about what he missed. Big-time eggs egg on exit exam shocked. It's a smelly train. Which is kind of like? It's it could basically just B B o slash poop. But like when you get on the train you're like Oh sick seat and then you're like Oh that's why there's a seat I had one dog. I wet dogs. Et one specific one. That's very gross. That I don't know if anyone there's probably a few people who are listening can relate but stella has like has to get her anal glands expressed every couple months that is the most disgusting smell like of all time. I just didn't pick it because I want him embarrassed that I like know what it is in to. I think a lot of people probably have no clue what I'm talking about right now. No it's a pretty common thing for dogs but just the term anal glands. I take her to the Vet Al for thank God used to do it on my own. Which was like horrific? Now it's like thirty bucks to just taker every couple of months. But it's fucking terrible embrace debate. It's the only thing that makes you cry but do UNIN smell bad. No no what am I. Don't even think the smell makes you cry. I think it's the stuff going into your is also the onions sauteed. Onions is like the greatest smell. Ever yeah some butter. Yeah so it's not the smell. I don't think that makes you cry. It's it's like onion particles that go into your eyes if you wear goggles where he cutting onions. I don't think that you cry interesting. All right yes. That's why I didn't put it on my list. Only like if you know for the next cry like that's old seafood fish ashes. I was a busboy crab restaurant for a summer. And that's smell that you don't get out from under your fingernails for months. Also just the in the middle of the summer basically just the street of New York like it's it's you know when you hit that corner and you're in it's usually be like a little bit of liquid in the gutter and maybe like a rat or something and it just all and then there's some garbage it all combines to the war smelter is the garbage wind yeah hot garbage win a wall of pain but there's also that weird you know you'll have that discharge liquid sitting there. That's been there for a week because there hasn't been rain and a dead rat in it. Just it's a perfect storm of bad smells. Rats in general would go on that list to you remember. The rat gave that was right around the right around the corner from Rhode Office smelled so bad either at bribing rats and pigeons are probably having a field day right now right yes. Wow not a lot of people around to just like throw food everywhere. But there's garbage like my apartment buildings throwing away more garbage than I've ever seen. Come out of this building ever before because everyone just doing all. We're doing all day if you're not doing something that's creating more garbage. You're probably just asleep. Yes yes that's true that's true okay. Let's finish up with Billy footballer deep dive with Billy Football before. We do that though the schedule for this week. We're doing wide receivers on Wednesday. So everyone get your aches ready to go top one hundred and we're doing the wide receiver class and then on Friday. We are going to review the garbage kicking field. Goal Kicker Tony Danza movie. We talked about a couple of months ago. Someone sent it to us on VHS and we're going to put it on Youtube so that everyone can watch it on a burner and then we were viewed that movie and then keep sending us what you want us to review whether a movie documentary. We will do it every single Friday. So let's get to billy before we do. I WanNa talk to you guys about our good friends at free fly. I'm wearing my free fly pants right. Now they're perfect pants. Two toss on if I gotTA RUN OUTSIDE. Greet the delivery. Guy Take Leroy for a walk a couple of weeks ago. I got a box clothing from pre fly. It clothing is made from butter soft bamboo. I gotta say it's awesome. It's very very convenient simple. Great-looking close easy to put on easy rock with just about everything. I have my closet. I'm I'm lounging around right now. Wearing these free fly Khakis. They're amazingly comfortable amazingly soft and I'm GonNa wear them every single day until this thing ends until I'm inside I'm going to put on these free fly pants at least once a day. The perfect immediate boom. I need some pants. Toss on for something. I didn't know what was going to happen. Boom put on fly pants. Free Fly was founded by Montana fishing guide and to Nike Marketers. They identified a big problem. That's outdoor clothing. That's too too complicated and too uncomfortable. So together they quit. Their jobs made their mission to create the most comfortable shirt imaginable on top of being super comfortable free flies. Bamboo clothing line has ups some protection. It wicks away. Moisture.

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