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Bob Suraj radio. Here we go. At 6 22 1st. The number is the state of Illinois reporting 1941 new cases of Cove in 1935 deaths. The preliminary seven day positivity rate, the important number Up just a hair to 3.7%. Now now Paige to President Trump contradicted his health officials Corona virus statements late yesterday. And he was talking about mask wearing and the timing for a vaccine, And he said that the CDC director dot Dr Robert Redfield made a mistake. And perhaps was confused and didn't understand the question yesterday, when Dr Redfield Said it would take 6 to 9 months for enough people to receive a vaccine to create immunity and that masks They work even better than a vaccine. In the meantime, CNN host a town hall with Joe Biden tonight at seven o'clock, central time in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Anderson Cooper moderates. It's Joe Biden's first Primetime Town Hall since accepting the nomination page for important numbers coming out today from the Department of Labor. It's weekly Jobless claims report another 850,000 Americans expected to have filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. If that estimate holds, the number will have dropped slightly from the prior weeks level of more than 100 50,000. The weekly figures have been trending down since peaking at 6.2 million in early spring, the previous all time high for weekly claims. Was about one million during the recession of 1982. Domine may concern Entertainment News. The Academy of Country Music Awards last night brought together the biggest names in country music Keith Urban, hosted from the Grand Ole Opry. Empty audience, though, because the pandemic entertainer of the year the top prize was presented last and produced a bit of a surprise keep their been seemed shocked when he opened the envelope to announce that this year's Winner ended up in a tie. Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett, This has gotta be a first in history. I'm sure I don't know, but I'm going to guess this is I've never heard of it. Lord, we have a tie for entertainer of the year the wars on CBS last night. Standby on Ewers and Page six. The Big 10 conference will play football this fall after all. And the weekend of October 23 24 things get underway. Dave, do you think they will be able to make it through the season? Well, I mean, It's tough to say, but I think that they have They're in their intention is to do that, obviously, and and they have set up these medical protocols that they believe gives them the best chance to do it now. Having said that they have set parameters and The positivity rates that teams need to stay below are they have tto alter or stop practice whose top activities but It'll be interesting. I mean, we were talking earlier in the baseball season Bob about baseball not being able to finish when the Marlins outbreak and the Cardinals outbreak. Everybody sell kits over. They can't do it on. They are doing it in the NFL there positivity rate has been very lows. Since training camps opened that so. But all the difference on the college campuses, but that's the issue. I mean, it's you can't put these guys in a bubble butt, so it's going to be a challenge for him. But they believe this adage in testing Can detect Dr Jeff me honest. Who's the Director sports medicine for Northwestern for the football program there the athletic program, he said yesterday that they can detect Ah Ah level they can detect a case of covert 19 basically. Before it becomes infectious to others, and so being able to then take that infected person out of the general population and isolate them. You've got a chance, and that's what they're hoping will happen here. They Look, they're not The doctors are not going to sign off on this if they don't think it's safe, right? And so I, you know they're staking their reputations on it. And they believe they can be done safely. Well, I mean, it's going to depend on a CZ you say the testing and then I was reading yesterday some of the protocols and how possibly some players, depending on what happens, will have to sit out for a period of time. If if tests come back positive, you'll be 21 days. So if you get several frontline players on one team out, I mean it kind of throws the season I'll whack even if they do play. But everybody is going to have to deal with the same problem, I guess. Well, the good thing as Faras College football is you're not limited to a 53 man. Roster like you are in the NFL now. And and when you get to your 3rd and 4th string players, they may not be the guys that you would necessarily Be putting out there under ordinary circumstances, But these aren't ordinary circumstances. So you're going to need probably toe to build some depth in your roster because there are going to be cases there's I mean, everybody who's said that on But the idea is to just avoid that as much as you can and keep it going and and his pat Fitzgerald told us. I think we just played the clip of it, he said. It's really about Players, two who are not having the typical college experience now because they can't do the things that college kids normally do. They have to make good decisions when it comes to social activities and Make sure they're distancing and all that too many of them are going to the bars and celebrating the Let's hope they stay out. Ah, finishing the herewith, Northwestern's athletic director says about all this doctor Jim Phillips will join us today after the 8:30 a.m. news..

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