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Staff who would want to do that sequel suck no please please by definition alone. Inferior films split generalization. Many sequels have surpassed their original a. Everybody how's it going. Welcome back to another of the soda underrated. We are under cast company. I'm alan torres and of course as usual miami's and co host aerial aerial macduff. Take those looking at t's derek ortiz. I mean mcdonald's well welcome back everybody so we're really excited because know summertimes here. Pretty much you it's getting hotter and we're going to be doing a new miniseries just like we did before it's going to be the summer of sequels guys been on our social kind of promoting it here and there and we'll we're here and we're actually going to start off This week's episode with my pick which is scream to pretty much I believe it's one of the most underrated sequels especially horror sequel. And a lot of the time you don't hear very often the goods horror sequel a lot of time you know just like all slasher flicks. They're usually get worse and worse and worse over time but to the point where you just watch them. 'cause be gory. Just stupid fun. I feel like it is is really important. I feel like really needs to be talked about but so yeah pretty much real quick screen to him. Back in nineteen ninety-seven legendary. Wes craven piece written by kevin williamson. Bring new campbell. David arquette jada pinkett smith. Jamie kennedy liev schreiber. A bunch of people as well. For saying i'm not gonna have the the franchise scream. I know so much shit about like trivia and everything else. I i knew all these people but when it came out though successful know one of the rare times like a sequel kim owner and actually made a lot of money. If you don't know what screaming. That's if not screaming. Essentially about nick campbell's character sidney prescott. She essentially is getting stock by slash guys. Goes face mask and you know. They're calling the when back in the day in the nineties. Raider and have caller. Id so the calling on a mobile. Whatever your own my god. Yeah exactly. Billy loan cellular phone and all that. But essentially it's kind of like who done it slash affleck and it's super mets. One of its kind of a. I wouldn't say ahead of it signed because now we're in it and i feel scream really influenced a lot of that kind of mid stuff and this wasn't wes craven's first time with meta kind of like storytelling his new nightmare film. Kinda did that as well. Where like with freddy krueger. Instead of like.

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