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Back in the huddle as the officials look over the monitor would look at the at t stat sheet keelan martin leads the way for butler with seven points wiedemann evolved that each with four but kamarck as just picked up his third personal nobody else has more than one for the bulldogs kamar has three of the six personal fouls that butler has fear the four staff while they're on a 600 rudderless four seventeen that doesn't give you an idea of what the last four and a half minutes have been legacy six overrun the before minutes and seventeen seconds for seton hall on their your night kidding curated and angel delgado lead the way delgado with a and carry 10 with 7 gently have not seen does he rodriguez he was warming up with a theme what does not flayed also ish nelson nogo is outs for this game it is going to be ruled a 3 looks like indeed it is a confirm permit is soast three shotty repair kit in carrington he's got seven three for a go look he made a couple of tough one drive but he's been forced to take tough shots pretty consistently throughout the night as what you wanna do you wanna make a guy on everything gary ten benz when he first free through was good pitting carrington as one of the better freethrow shooters in the conference aronson fifth fears shit picture the line big east one second once good not give seton hall the lead back 23 22 he's got one more the south point at the line spins the ball the left paul freethrow airborne and the third one snappy golf controlled by two twenty four twenty two four twelve pitiful token pressure by the pirates and then they will fall back on his own as well mark 230 martin at the top of the key he'll step back three on the air threat good beautiful who we had an advantage and you could see the dollar zhili spaced out and i said you they forestall the match up essentially main demand even though they were in that zone because of their four balancing spacing not allowed roux for q into work 10 points for martin inside look the dow cattle he lays it in that was a nice pass of a.

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