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New book. What doesn't kill you and Takes your Calls, Plus a look at a new documentary called Women in Blue. Which follows female police officers with the Minneapolis police Department in the wake of the highly publicized police shootings there and elsewhere. Coming up at noon on 93.9 FM, am a 20 or ask your smart speaker to play W N Y. C. This'd w n. Y c. 93.9 FM and AM a 20 NPR News and the New York conversation. Mm. Frame there, NW N Y C. And now to your calls on how much normal you're planning for this spring and summer, Including. Are you ready for a black tie? Optional negative covert test mandatory. Wearing Micah in Brooklyn. You're on W, N Y C Hi, Micah. Hi. How are you? Good. You got a plan. All right? Yeah. So we're basically planning two weddings Final Taney Asl E. Where? In June. Um we're planning either a full guest list affair and We'll see what we get back in about March or April. Well, we'll make a final decision about whether it seems to make sense if we can go through with it, and then the other version is just 20 to 25 are very closest family like parents, siblings. And the like. And so for the largest scenario did you have to put down money and can you get it back? We? We've already eaten some some deposit. So you know, originally we were gonna do you know, not quite black tie. Optional is going to be on a farm where we had to cancel, like dancing with a DJ at night. We we've opted to do Ah, brunch thing. You know, 11 am ceremony followed by a brush, so we've eaten Being a deposit there, And right now we're working with our other vendors toe, see what we can do and be flexible about numbers on so fortunately, we haven't We haven't lost too much money. But you've eaten something and you're planning to different kinds of weddings. It's so interesting for other people to hear just last question. Are you aware of This Cuomo declaration, which I don't have all the details of yet. I'm not sure that anybody does. But negative covert tests mandatory if you're going relatively big Um, no, not honestly did not know about that. But, um, you know, if if Cove it is is still, um, you know, pretty pretty serious and present danger and in all our lives, and, um, you know, you know, and projecting from April into June You know, we're likely to just lean an opt in to the much smaller version. Um, the idea of sort of, you know, asking everyone toe show up with a vaccination card or negative tests is Uh, it's just not a logistical path where were kind of interested in going down. Roger. Thank you very much. Congratulations to you and your fiance on. I hope it all goes Well, Derek in Harlem, you're on W, N Y C. Hi, Derek. Hey, Brian, How are you doing doing on from you must I mean my feelings they were planning on getting married in October in Orlando. We're going to have 150 caff. And Back in the summer. The venue is like ready to go on with it, and I think we could have if we wanted to, but I think we just decided that we just wanted to wait until you were able to have the full party in celebration We wanted to without having to worry about anything. And then kind of postpone a and definitely we just would rather not have to go through this worry of Assembling all of our favorite people in the world and the risk of something, some of them getting. Very seriously ill on I think I think, but I think we're all also just ready for a big party once this is over with, so we're hopeful we're not. We're not exactly sure when that will be, but Ready for that day. When we're always will convene and celebrate together. That's a good way to look at it. It becomes a combination wedding party and end of pandemic celebration. Hold away. Have you considered Just like Getting married and then having the party at a future date when you're safe. Yeah, me and my stance. We did talk about that. Um, we are in a situation where, like getting married is not gonna have that big of a effect on our day to day lives. So I think we're just kind of it. This point in time things can change at this point in time. We're kind of in the mindset of just waiting and doing it all together. Gary. Thanks. Congratulations on even being engaged. And good luck with all of it. And Isaac in the Bronx. You're on W, N Y C. Hi, Isaac. Hello. How you doing? Good. How you doing? Long time listener. First time caller. Right. You're on. And you're planning a wedding. I see. Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Pretty similar to the two other colors. Uh, We are having a smaller Smaller gathering and peeks go upstate. And we were both aware of the Cuomo. Mandates that is coming. I guess so. So that made me and my fiance a little a little they took that took a little bit of pressure off us. That people were looking at us, like, Oh, you wanted to take it up because if they hate Cuomo want you to take it. Yeah, You can hang it on the governor. Interesting, Isaac. Thank you. Call us again. Congratulations. Whenever it happens, here's a little more detail on what we don't know. And I do know from the Cuomo order, and this comes.

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