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Bloomberg opinion very interesting set of opinions from Joe Nocera recently one on Florida, and then plenty of others that we want to get to as well so let's get to Joe. Right now who joins us from Bush return in Florida. Joe Welcome and thanks for joining. Me First of all. How is the situation in Florida? How much are people now abiding by rules where they didn't need to once upon a time? Well here in Boca Raton actually. People have been abiding by rules at least since I got here a month ago, so there's no. There's no issues there what you hear. Is that a lot of somethings in Miami were not wearing masks throwing parties. I don't think that is still going on. Because the numbers have been so high, the daily positive case numbers have been so high. It's been Kinda scary but you know there are still you know. There's a lot of Let Tinos getting Cova because they're farmworkers and you know they get. They don't have and they get on buses and they're crowded together and they go to work, and then they come home, and they live in. You know relatively small homes, and so that that has been part of the. Surge here as well. So. Joe I used to love reading your stuff that timeshare sports work at the New York Times. Column here, just recently, very interesting, talking about sports, and that's kind of been. You know a big big big issue for a lot of people and they've got major. League baseball opening up last night with the Yankees winning. I should point out. How do you think this is going to play out? Joe, I mean. You're down in Florida. That's a huge college football state. I just don't see how this is going to play out. How what I take. Okay so I'd be very surprised. His College football was fall. At a minimum I, think it'll get pushed to the spring because you know I'm like the pros. These guys aren't getting paid, and and and in many of these schools. The students aren't going to go to school. They're going to be doing. They're gonNA be doing a remotely until you say well. We gotta have the athletes on campus to play football game, so we can make money. When when when when no other students are here, I mean it's just it's it's it's it's. Policy is even worse than usual for College Sports, so I'd be very surprised at like college football. The pros are different, I mean look look what happened yesterday. you know one Soto of the nationals. The start you know young star left fielder had a positive test. Right and they and they still played the game. So you. Know I think that so long as you don't have like. Twelve players. You know getting positive tests at once. I think they'll keep playing if it's one or two I would I would worry more about professional football just because by the nature of the sport. If! There's a virus floating around with the offensive. Lineman Shire's pretty easy to get it on the defensive Lineman. You know so. To me, the the question mark is whether you'll be able to play football after after a game or two. How many players will come down with covert? Yeah, I mean it would be..

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