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Story. Baseball tonight studios. Bottom. Five brewers one nothing lead on the dodgers still to come game one of the AL CS tonight from Fenway park Astros and the Red Sox as versus ace and Justin Verlander taken on Chris sale. This is more of the same. Not try to do more in these situations where the lights are brighter. The crowds are louder. No, we don't need more. We just need the same need to keep doing what we've been doing the whole year because what we've been doing the whole year. Real good sale in Orlando in last year's LDS coverage for game number one at seven pm eastern available on the ESPN app. Shami adjustment. Dozo will have the call. Dave Roberts going to his pen. We've got a pitching changes. We back out to Miller park in Milwaukee alongside Chris singleton. Here's Dan Schulman. I thank you for. Sure do have a big change thirty eight year old right hander Ryan Madson. Who was as we mentioned. I man out of the bullpen for the dodgers last night. When a scoreless inning in relief of Clayton Kershaw gave up a base hit that allowed a purse Shaw run to score, but otherwise did fine. And he struck out Christian yelich last night, and he will face yelich here to begin his tenure today with riders second and third and one out Milwaukee already up one to nothing. And they're going to put yell at Sean attention to walk. So goes that. Interesting because you could've given Madsen a few more warm up. I guess how attentional watcher instantaneous rundown which coulda had three you walk. Yeah. Which this used to be like the Baltic attention. Would you brought a guy in the issue attention to walk right away pitches? So does it really matter? This was obviously the plans all along. And now they'll set up a double play Doh set up a force of the play at a bad said will take a shot at Ryan wrong. Poets interesting hill before the time of mound visits, and maybe a little beyond that a manager would go out because that was the first visit for Dave Roberts comeback back into the dugout. Go back out there to buy that extra time that sent abroad a swing and a week row. Ball hits award short barehanded Machado ought to. I really good way five shadow to get broad but into score on the play is Wade violate the other runners advance in Milwaukee. Now. Leads to nothing Now, Dan, I'll take that defensive play Machado just made over him busting up the first base line on the short. I mean, that's extraordinary right there. It was almost like when he came up with it. He thought to have a play at the plate. I'm going to go head to first base in know that compromised of a body position. And to be able to get out of it. I think suppressive. So Wade Miley, though, with a base it goes to third of a double by Kane and cubs into score the pitcher helping his own cause as they say it is two to nothing Milwaukee. Bottom five second and third to down for. Hey, Suzanne Goulart who was flied out. Database. Now time is called and Madsen and Barnes want to have a conversation. Telugu thing for the brewers is get Vialli and off the base paths. Let him sit down for a little while recover before. He goes back out to take the mound. But in this situation, you don't say to take a pitch, right and second and third of it. If you see one you like, oh, get absolutely you. Let you let it fly. Make it five nothing. The first pitch a called strike. Oh, one started with the breaking all over the outside. For him to run six hits. No heirs for the brewers. No runs. One hit. No heirs for the dodgers. Wade majlis the story today. Five great innings or the mound. And he's got a couple of hits. Here's the o- on chops at fallow in to the other stories, the whole roundabout Orlando, arsia that broke the ice here this ethic. Travel day tomorrow game three from Dodger Stadium. On Monday, four thirty nine Pacific time. I seven thirty nine eastern time release chassis and a Walker. Bueller? Match working from the wind up to swing at ground. Ball foul past his buddy, Lorenzo Cain. Is it skips down the line? Kabir veins. Oh in two brewers winning six to five last night. Scratching across a couple of runs here at the bottom of the fifth. Delete two to nothing here tonight. No-balls to strike saw. Hey seuss. Now, the pitch and swing and a foul. Tip of that'll be all for the brewers here the bottom of the fifth, but our CEO homers and then Braun. Drives in Miley. And it's nothing Milwaukee. The end of five neighbor to game to this is.

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