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Was turned into a book in hundred fifty one God. And man at Yale talking about how they'd become a completely secular organization, the antithesis of founding and this still doing it. And now it's tantamount to being discriminatory and persecuting those who believe in Jesus, it's incredible. Believable back to your calls full board and look judy's back line fall. Judy in Brooklyn. Welcome back. Thank you. I missed you. I hope you miss me. I miss all my callers our there. You are. You're so smart. You're so diplomatic. And you're so sincere, and I love I love your show. Totally love your show. My best talk radio show host. Yeah. One one of them who is this woman. One one of the best seriously. What did you call today? Okay. You tied tied first place. How's that? Better. Okay. So listen, Dr Gorka principle, you know, I didn't want to say this bet listening to the priests that you were talking to you. I liked what he was saying. And I would love to hear more of what he had to say. So I guess what I think God wants I think God wants all of us on earth to live in peace, and harmony, that's what I think God wants for all of us. He wants us to live. Truthfully. That's what he wants peace. And yet they okay. Piece. It's true. Okay. Remember, what happened to the first the first Christians? They were thrown to the lions because they were committed to truth about pace. It's about truth. Okay. What next peace and harmony, then is pie of truth. I think I don't know. Okay. I'm calling really about the size of judges. But before that, you were talking about Omar congresswoman, Omar, and I think to myself that they say, you can judge people by the friends you keep you know, and the people that you hang out with and so one of her best friends is Louis Farrakhan. Yes. So, you know, well, not only that President Obama that incredible story of a photograph taken of President Obama with Louis Farrakhan that was sat on for eight years while he was president because the photographer was told you can't release photograph. Yeah. That's the left and Pfizer job. Just judy. Other calls me about five judges. Okay. So. The dossier has been a lie from the beginning. We even know that because James Comey himself from the beginning admitted that he never bet it, and it wasn't substantiated so ally so here this is my question. So I've always been wondering next thing. So after that, that's how they got these five Lawrence who I the size of judges. I understand that judge Roberts has a plea points twelve five judges. But quite frankly, Dr Gorka who looks over their shoulders because you know, pita stroke with Lisa page on the emails. They were saying gonna wine and dine Rudy not Giuliani different judge buys a judge. And they gotta learn from him. And then I remember reading or hearing that he recused himself. So quite frankly, who are these five the judges great question. We will get our expert Kanka Klaus get to onto that question. All we know is that they all secret their identities secret, the Pfizer judge who issued the first warrant again. Carter page was very very angry when he found out what that dossier was about. And that it had been fabricated. Thank you, Judy. Thanks for calling in. Let's go to line five waiting a long time in Pasadena, rich. Welcome aboard. God bless you. I'm a preacher it here in Pasadena. What's your no? I'm praying for you. Thank you kindly, pray for not just maybe pray for the president his family. But thank you all the time. And that's what's prayer is the great engine of this presidency and on indeed. But that's not why call rich, right? It's not why call but I wanted to say in this the biggest single scant scandal in American history. I think you agree with that. Right. I think it's the I think it's the largest political Scotto. Yes, we've had president Kennedy assassinated, but I think it does a political scandal. This one is the biggest in our history. Correct. Call wealth indicated that he wants to move on. Oh my God. When I saw that. I may get responded. Why would you why would you want to do that just when we find out that? It's completely bogus. There will be no charges no prosecutions of collusion. And then a so-called conservative figure says let's move on. What's going on? What's going on Sebastian? We are doomed as a nation if we do not handle this. I'm just here to tell you we need to get this handled. Then we are going to repeat this recent thing on what you've heard that before I say it, but that's what's going to happen. And the best way to get feet, the ongoing narrative of the Dan was which will be oh, they're hiding something is to shine the light of this this scandal and show that it was created out of whole cloth that will defeat the narrative. Yeah. I look we are not doomed where America we have enough. Patriots to make sure that we get to the bottom of the truth. Thank you rich for calling. And we will I think the tide has already turned. Let's actually listen to the man former mayor of New York America's mayor Rudy Giuliani who was on with judge Janine this Saturday. And it's the real question. That is the question we have to answer now Cup for what they did here. I believe over the next six months we're gonna uncover evidence that what they did. Here was criminal. This this whole thing of collusion isn't true. Somebody made this up Janine somebody and see this, and they superimposed it. And then he went out to try to prove it and we have to find out who the brains behind this couple of four five possibilities. I think we'll find them. I think that when she Graham will help. But I think we need a Justice department investigation of who tried to perpetrate a fraud on the American people don't show Rudy use the right phrase zone. He said the brains behind this operation because when it comes to John Brennan nobody's ever flattered him with the complement of a high Q dangerous. Yes. But you don't have to be intelligent to be dangerous. A thug can be dangerous and John Brennan is a thug, and that's why he's tweeting about oh. Let sleeping dogs lie. But yes, he is the key instigator. It's not just Lindsey Graham. I agree the DOJ's well, no, special counsels special counsel, the DOJ, and of course,.

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